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2NL FR Zoom, JJ in BB, where did I go wrong?

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  • 2NL FR Zoom, JJ in BB, where did I go wrong?

    Unknown villain. Where did I go wrong here? Cheers, DrJ

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    They showed the hand I was expecting. The next hand I would expect is AA. So for me they were the worst turn and river cards unless they were holding AK
    I like the flat call pre flop. For me this is one of them flops that is getting cbet so often so I would normally check/call or check/raise just to get 1 more bet out of the hands that missed. But TBH once the turn falls it is going be hard to get away from. I played a very similar hand only yesterday were my opponent turned the bigger set. When I watched this I had a flash back and alarm bells went off, so maybe I only put him on that hand because it was fresh in my memory. They also flat the flop then raised the turn after iso raising pre flop
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      Here's my first go at this hand-reviewer stuff...

      I wouldn't have just called pre-flop. Since villain is unknown, you need to find a way to define his hand some more which raising would achieve. I've found at 2NL that players are usually 4betting with AA or KK and they very often 4Bet shove those hands, where you can comfortably fold JJ.

      The flop is so good for you that it's difficult to extract too much value from most of his range. I agree that villain would nearly always CBet that flop so I might've been tempted to check-call, maybe with the intention of taking the lead on the turn depending what card peels off.

      The turn is normally an excellent card for you, as so many players will float the flop with AK in position. I would've bet slightly bigger on the turn to extract more value, something like $0.35. Once he raises you back, he has probably one of AK, QQ, KK, AA, perhaps KJ or A4. KK is by far the least likely holding here and I would be tempted to 3Bet shove on the turn, as you have all those hands crushed except KK and he will call with nearly all of those holdings.

      That hand was just a cooler.


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        Hi DrJ,

        I like flatting the 5x preflop, it keeps V7s range as wide as possible and invites the limper (probable fish) to overcall, increasing our value.

        I agree with others that we should go for a check-raise on the flop. I'd expect him to c-bet his entire range, and when we make a small check/raise, we'll get floated a lot by AK/AQ because we're really not repping much on this board other than JJ. Although that might be over the head of most of the 2NL player pool, those players may call just to try and hit their pair.

        On the turn here I'd put him all in directly when he raises. We're only losing to KK, but we're beating AK and AA and as this hand was played he could easily have those holdings. We can't fold a hand this strong on this depth of money so put him in now before a card comes that scares AA.
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          At the moment I'm grinding 2nl Spand42 but I will sometimes flat with AA and KK. I might flat KK against a Nit as allot can find a fold with JJ/QQ/AK and only continue with AA KK and also I like to flat sometimes with AA if the player is a reg with decent stats of 18/16 - 22/18 as when I 4bet these type of players I end up turning my hand face up


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            By flat calling the 5x raise, aren't you just inviting other players to join when you're out of position? Also JJ is quite difficult to play post-flop, particularly multi-way.

            It sounds to me that JJ is being treated as strong as AA, hoping to lure people into the hand and disguise our range so we can play for more value on later streets. Is this right?

            Sorry to keep banging on about this, I just want to make sure I understand!



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