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2nl zoom monster or bluff otr

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  • 2nl zoom monster or bluff otr

    48/14 wtsd 35 AF R 6 46 hands 1.Should I raise raise-call the turn? 2.Can I call the river? It looks like it could be a busted draw and bluffed on a scarecard, or a 6 with which he was trying to induce a raise on the turn. May also look like QQ. Anything else does not make much sense.

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    Sometimes it will be a monster, and sometimes your hand is good.
    Your hand must be good over 31.7% of the time to make a call profitable here.

    If you think villain has a {Qx,6x,34,22,55,KK,AA} more than 68.3% of the time then fold. otherwise call.


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      The turn to me looks like a classic blocker bet from this type of player, but have seen this player type bet like this with the 6. I normally re-raise on the turn but smaller than usual so maybe to 0.25-0.30. I have found they normally flat with FD's and take the opportunity here to re-raise with their monsters. If they flat and the river doesn't complete the FD then I would bet about 1/3 pot to induce them to bluff.

      The way it played out I would also fold the river here. It looks like a 6 or he spiked a Q on the river.


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        Hi pray,

        Firstly vs. a super loose half stacker opening from the cut off, I think we should be 3-betting JJ to isolate him and am quite happy to get it in pre here if he comes back over the top.

        I like the flop raise, but don't like the turn call. He makes what appears to be a blocking bet, maybe trying to set his own price to draw at spades or overcards, or scared of the 6 pairing, who knows. There is now .65c in the pot and he's got .65c behind. We should be moving him all in right here. If he's drawing, we want to get his .65c in before he misses the river. If he's got a made hand, we want to get the smaller pairs in before they get scared by an overcard or coordinated river card... most of the deck is scary to 88 type hands.

        Edit: doubt he's got a 6, unless he's open raising A6s pre. If we're beat here, it's more likely by AQ/KQ.
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          Didn't even notice he only had that much left. This is why your good Dave and I'm rubbish lol



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