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2NL Zoom 6max - Should this Villian be calling the turn lol

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  • 2NL Zoom 6max - Should this Villian be calling the turn lol

    Hi all Hope you are all well. Couldn't sleep this morning so thought I would have a quick go on the zoom tables. I know I shouldn't of played pre flop but the implied odds of stacking a certain online team pro give me 10x implied odds lol. Can Mr Frosty explain his actions the calling station lol. Sure I heard you all say we don't bluff at 2nl and a turn raise is strength. Thought if I flat the turn there was no way he was stacking off and I left myself to hit 12 outs in where I could get the half pot bet in and get the 10x profit. Just thought it was one of the worst rivers for his range and couldn't find the guts to fire that bullet

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    Have to say great read from My Frosty. Normally in them spots I would fold my OESD. Should I be calling? How often will the player in my shoes show up with a FD rather than a set or J9s or even just 1 pair hand?


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      Don't know why would he call there, but why aren't you shoving flop with 10x implied odds?


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        Good point. Was about 4 or 5am and only had 2 hours sleep that's my excuse But yeah should of shoved


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          Since Tyler was the villain in this hand, I'll ask him to have a look and do the analysis. He doesn't check in regularly so I'll have to ping him, give it some time.
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            Hey guys,

            Well, I should first just say that I'm in a hand volume pool on 2+2 this month and have been zooming some 2nl/5nl just to get a bunch of hands in on the off-hours of my regular limits and have basically just been clicking buttons lol.

            This hand seems to be one of those cases Pre and flop are standard, turn call by me is pretty bad and not really justifiable I think river is fine (wouldn't be thrilled on bluff-shoving this river since villain can often c/c to induce a bluff from a missed flush draw). I was playing like a pretty big aggro-monkey the entire session and not taking it very seriously at all.

            Having said that, I still think that I like my play on most streets more than yours. You just don't want to be calling pre with hands like that, especially when you're OOP to everyone and the pot has already gone multi-way so you immediately have some reverse implied odds (hands to avoid flatting with are mostly hands that can get you into trouble even/especially when you flop great. For example, J7 is never going to flop a nut straight, nut flush (not never but rare) etc so you're never going to be able to check-raise and get the money in too happy).

            You can't go too wrong post-flop with this flop but again, it's a great example of where you flopped pretty awesome but still can't go too crazy and get the money in. I'd probably C/R this flop and just go with it but calling isn't really terrible either. On the turn, I admit that my call was bad but I do remember thinking that you really don't represent anything, except may J9 but because I had a J in my hand that would be less likely. I think if you had a strong hand you would/should c/r this flop so calling and then check-raising the turn really doesn't make a lot of sense to a good hand reader and I would expect you to get shoved on there quite a bit of the time.

            Also, this wasn't the Team Online zoom promo lol. That was today at 10am You could have shoved pre but you wouldn't have got 10x if you had lost, although I probably would have folded


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              Thanks so much for your input Tyler. I just assumed it was 10x moment that's why I called pre flop. I never call here with that hand. In fact a don't call with it in position. I was just calling trying to get lucky thinking I had 10x implied odds. It is great to hear your thoughts, I weren't sure if I had a timing tell and c/r the turn too fast as normally people with hands will delay the raise. Looking back at it and hearing it from your point of view it makes sense to look me up. I think like you said you holding the J plays a big part in reducing the J9 combos I can have. In future with this type of hand I will either c/c the flop and turn if the odds are there or c/r on the flop instead of the turn. Best $1 I have spent on education....thanks again umbup: Been a pleasure been on the same table as someone so experienced. Always great seeing PS pro's mixing it with tomorrows team online members.....I mean I'm not expecting an invite tomorrow or even the day after but



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