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2nl Zoom AKo

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  • 2nl Zoom AKo

    Villain 6 - 29/11 (68 hands) Standard open AKo pre 2 callers Board was dry so thought i would put out a decent sized c bet thinking it would get through a lot here and i would take the pot. After his flop call i put the villain on a wide range of hands since he dint need to raise all his monster hands on a dry board cause ive showed aggression on 2 streets and he will be thinking im betting most turns. Turn was a good/ very bad card for me, at this point i think betting again was a mistake can see cheap showdown from here and hope he has a pair of some kind. A bet on the river looking back was a huge mistake, as played i think the river is an easy check fold? Just because he has so many sets and 2 pairs in his range here. Damn i play bad Ads

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    I would bet turn and river for value here
    I guess on the turn villain has a range of TT-99,22,K9s+,Q9s+,JTs,K9o+,QTo+,JTo vs which you have 53% equity, and TT-99,22,K9s+,KTo+ on the river vs which you have 48% equity assuming he will be passive all the way and would not let you know about his monsters on previous streets.


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      I would normally check these flops against 2 players. Thinking allot of the time they are calling with small pp's or 2 high cards and hands that connect with the T9. I would bet the turn and river but fold to any raise. Can only see them doing that with QJ and sets. I think they flat with hands like KJ KQ
      Should I normally be betting this flop?


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        Sorry just realised the amount the raise is for on the river. So sorry I'm calling that lol


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          Hi ads,

          I think c-betting this board is marginal tbh, I would tend to check here 3 ways more often than not. I mean we're putting pressure on 44 to go away, but the T and 9 interact well enough with a fair bit of their preflop calling ranges as well, and the cards we would generally barrel are somewhat good for the hands they'll call flop with too.

          As played I don't think we should check/fold this river, I actually think we should put him all in. There's .87c in the pot and he's only got .84c behind. He's an odd stacking, loose passive player so seems pretty fishy. While we can certainly be beat here (most likely QJ, since that's the most likely hand to slow play the turn, 2 pair or sets probably find a raise sooner than the river), a loose passive fish can have quite a few worse hands he'll pay off with here as well... KQ, KJ, AT, QT, JT, maybe even Q9, J9, or some Kx making a terrible flop call. If we check we're losing too much value vs this range imo, and once we bet, if we are going to put the rest in when he makes the under-raise, then we should make him put the full .84c in with his worse hands as well and not let him off the hook on the last .27c.
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