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2nl zoom - overpairs

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  • 2nl zoom - overpairs

    Villain 4 - 50/0(11) Villain 5 - 67/33(3) Meaningless amount of hands for stats I put the guys range on smaller pairs and draws on the flop. When he calls turn i think he has a strong pair or a pair and a draw etc. could still have 66 - 77 Put myself in a spot on the river where i can never fold to what he had left Ads
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    Well the price is small, but would he ever be betting here with third pair or worse? would he try to bluff you with that ammount? plus the nut flush draw that made TP comes first to mind on the river.
    I'm not sure about the river decision, I would be more inclined to fold but idk the price is small indeed. Let's see what the analyzers say


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      Normally i bet the turn to charge draws but i was re reading professional no limit holdem again and it said if your are not committed then don't put no more than a 3rd of the smallest stack in so that would suggest checking the turn and then we can fold the river because the nut flush hit its ace.

      Now had he been deeper i think you can bet the turn when he checks and check fold river if he leads, can someone tell me if this is right that we should check turn if were not deep but bet when were deeper?


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        I personaly raise the flop to charge de draws. These donk bets on draw boards are usualy a draw. AS played, when turn is checked you almost always have the best hand there so i would go with the draw read and put him all in there.


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          I actually don't mind the turn bet.

          It accomplishes a few things, mainly being;

          1) Charges any draws and/or worse pairs
          2) Guarantees (for the most part) a free river showdown as most opponents are unlikely to donk most rivers. It's also likely that our bet will be less than a river bet by the villain.

          If we check OTT and he bets on any river we are playing the guessing game. I think this is a kind of derivation of the 'free showdown play'.


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            I think the mistake was not turn or river, but not raising flop, when he limps he has all sort of hands, and when he donks for half the pot on the flop you are going to be ahead must of the times. You can min raise, get it in on the turn or just shove on the flop. I like min raising better.


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              As noted, vs shorties in this spot I'm happy to raise and stack it off on the flop. He's going to show you so much 8x (obviously here he has the hand we pretty much least want to see and that's unfortunate, but i don't think it's necessarily indicative of what he'll show up with most often) and random nonsense that I really wouldn't get too worried in this spot. If he flatted and turn was a Q that would definitely put us in a slightly weird spot but I think it's highly unlikely he has one here unless it's QXcc.


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                Hi ads,

                Preflop raise is fine, with have a low stack to pot ratio with both on the flop, and the guy donk betting into the preflop raiser often has a 1 pair hand or draw, so given the money in the pot already and the money behind I would simply raise them all in directly on the flop here. Short stacking fish will call you off with any pair or draw here, where as so many turn cards (most that don't improve them actually) are scare cards to his range and may prevent us from getting the rest of his small stack.
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