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NL Micro - KJ AK - Back to Back folds...not sure what the right play was on either.

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  • NL Micro - KJ AK - Back to Back folds...not sure what the right play was on either.

    I'm a relative beginner, however unlike many beginners I don't chase hands nearly that often. If anything I feel at times I let hands get away. Today I had these two hands back to back. Both of which i let go. Hoping to get some critique on how I played the hand, whether I should have let them go, stuck around, etc. Any help from you all is much appreciated.

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    Hi Millmuff,

    first hand (KJo):
    Preflop its kind of close and villain dependend what to do with KJo there. Villain opens from middle position and KJo does not do to great vs thoose opens. So depending on the villain, call, three bet light or fold could all be good preflop imo. I would only call vs villains who open to much from middle position (over 20% I would say).

    On the flop your small raise of his c-bet is just weird with Top Pair and Jack Kicker, not sure what your plan was there, but the standard line is just to call there. Your hand is not strong enough to go for a raise / bet / bet line and still get called by worse and you surely dont wanna turn your hand into a bluff either, so just call.

    The turn gets tricky because of your flop raise. The villain range looks pretty strong here after calling your raise and leading out now again. Not sure if you could already fold turn, so dont overplay the flop and you wont get into this spot again :-). River is a check back imo since you overplayed the flop and villain still showed aggression on the turn.

    Seond Hand (AKs):
    Main problem I have with your second hand is your sizing. You bet one third pot on the flop and the turn in a single raised pot. You want to get value with top pair top kicker here, so double your bet size.

    The turn raise of the villain looks pretty strong here. The flop was very dry so he should not have a draw often on the turn. I think his most likely hands are AJ, J8s if he calls pre to wide and maybe JJ if he does not threebet JJ pre. The only problem OTT is that you underrepresent your hand strenght with your very small bet sizes, so he might be more likely to turn a hand like 67 , 8hXh , 5hXh or maybe even a small pair like 56 into a bluff. So increase your bet sizing for value and bluff protection.


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      Hi Millmuff, Welcome to PSO Hand#1: I think KJo is a marginal call here. I like what almightybald says about turning our hand into a bluff and 3betting it preflop. As played, I think raising the flop cbet with TP does not achieve much. It will fold out worse hands and we get called/raised by better. So I would prefer to call the flop bet and re-evaluate the turn. I want to try to keep the pot small here and if we face two more streets of big bets I would elect to fold. Hand#2: With TPTK, I want to build a pot and would go for 3 streets of betting unless we get raised somewhere along the line. This board is pretty dry, so we don't have to bet too big, but I wouldn't go with anything less than 1/2 pot. So I'd bet something like 0.09 or 0.10. I like the fold to the turn x/r umbup:



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