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2nl zoom barreling with second pair

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  • 2nl zoom barreling with second pair

    villain 22/9 over 37 hands Is it ok to barrel the J once the Q pairs? I thought I could get some value from weaker J and draws

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    Hi Praydk,

    I like your line and your sizing in this hand. The Q on the turn makes it more unlikely you or the villain have a queen and the board is kind of wet so betting is fine imo.

    His raise on the river is a bit suspicious imo, since only gutshot draws got there (K9 and 89 or a weirdly played AK) and I think he would raise most strong made hands: trips or better on an earlier street. So he might have turned a busted Flush Draw into a bluff but I still prefer your bet fold OTR to bet/call or check/call. He probably has a slowplayed monster and there arent that many naked Flush Draws anyway.


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      Hey Praydk,

      I agree with almigthybald for the most part but I really don't think we should be value betting this river. The straight draw just completed and the FDs bricked, not to mention the threats of stronger Jx hands and Qx - I really don't see many worse combos the villain can call with there, let alone raise. I personally would have preferred a x/c line if you think the villain could turn his bricked draws and weak Jx hands into bluffs or if you get a good price, otherwise x/f. If this guy really is passive, as played its an easy fold without a read.


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        Hi Praydk,

        As played I would check/call the river tbh, and maybe even check/fold to a big bet... All the draws missed (only gut shots got there), and while I don't know that this guy will bluff a busted draw, it seems hard to get called by worse.

        Think about it this way... we flop 2nd pair, how may streets of value can we reasonably expect to get from worse hands here? The answer should not be 3, yet we took a line of value betting 3 streets. The answer in this spot is typically 1-2. So we have to check somewhere. I don't mind checking the flop, or the turn, but if we bet both I think we should check the river.. we're basically hoping he has KT or JT and decides to pay us off with it despite us showing great strength betting all 3 streets.

        As played, fold to the river raise.
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