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NL2 6 Max zoom

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  • NL2 6 Max zoom

    2 Spots vs unknowns 1 - Is this just an auto play hand that i can never get away from, i literally beat so much of his range here right? 2 - This was a tough hand for me to get a read on what the villain had, first thing i think i could have done here is called the flop on a dry board instead of raising because with a one pair hand here im not getting much value from worse. Maybe weaker jacks? On the turn i think is a check/fold? or check/call? instead of a lead out, a pot control line could be better on this kind of board i guess. Definately didnt put him on an overpair but i left myself with no room to fold after my betsize on the turn. Cheers Ads

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    Hi ads,

    Please remember going forward, we ask to keep 1 hand to a thread in the HA forums.

    This is almost like 1 hand though.

    1. Standard, well played, nothing to see here.

    2. We really need some read to make the optimal decisions. Readless, I like the flat call pre, but think the flop raise is a large mistake. You already nailed it, you will have a hard time getting value from worse by raising (your raise sets up stacks to go in but how is he going to stack off with worse hands?). Plus readless I would assume a 4x UTG is a "real hand" of some sorts (for CardPlayerPT: True it may not be, but we have to make our best guess with the info we have before us :P ) So some of the "real hands" we fold out by raising will be AK/AQ/TT which we dominate now and have very poor equity. The hands that dominate us won't fold though. So this raise is really only targeting KJ/QJ which is way too thin imo.

    After he calls the raise, I think we should check back the turn and fold to any reasonable river bet. The thing I would recommend looking at or focusing on for self evaluation is your ranging. You said "Definately didn't put him on an overpair", I would explore the origin of that feeling as it is a significant misread. He has opened for 4x UTG, made a large (almost pot sized) c-bet on a dry flop in a 3-way pot, and called a raise. This is showing a lot of strength, so I would say not only is there no reason to exclude overpairs from his range, I think we should be particularly concerned with them here when the action comes down like this.
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      Same here Hand 1. Think it was standard play. Unlucky you was well ahead when the money went in umbup: Hand 2. At these stakes 4x in any position is normally a strong hand. In early position against most players I would fold AJo, just end up getting out kicked so many times against a 4x open. Suited I will either fold or flat depending on the players stats. The way the betting went I would say nearly all the time your up against an over pair here. Good to make a note on them as you played your hand like you hit a set and he was willing to stack of with his over pair. So flatting small PP's against them and set mining will be a great play in the future



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