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2NL Zoom (6max) A9s (Btn) vs 'all in' OTF + 1 caller [CO]

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  • 2NL Zoom (6max) A9s (Btn) vs 'all in' OTF + 1 caller [CO]

    Stats / Information: Villain 6 [CO]: VPIP: 17 | PFR: 6 | 3B: 0 (49 hands) Hero [BTN]: VPIP: 20 | PFR: 14 | 3B: 5 (105 hands) Villain 3 [BB]: No information / short stack Addtl Notes V6 [CO]: Called 3bets OOP with TT & donks flop with top pair or better. Pre-flop: Hero: Villain 3 [UTG] R + 1 caller Villain 6 [CO]... I opt to flat IP Flop: Action flop... I flop nut f/draw & GS. Original PFR checks & V6 [CO] bets, I opt to call & V3 shoves 'all in'. V6 [CO] then flats... Hero??? Question[s]: What is my optimal line / next action given post-flop action? Tony [Prodigy237]

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    I'd prefer squeezing preflop with a hand like A9s because it's so often dominated post flop and when we flop an A we are going to be playing the guessing game.

    Anyway, given we flat pre and call the cbet, I think we have a pretty no brainer reshove once V6 calls V3's shove.

    We have a tonne of outs if we are behind and if V6 folds we pick up a bit of dead money and isolate the short stack. We can never fold with the amount of money in the middle so we may as well get it in.


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      Hi Tony,

      I think the call with a suited Ace is okay MW. With a gutshot, overcard and NFD I think I'm raising the flop and getting it in. Against hands like {JJ, TT, 77, KQ, JT, 98} we are even money.


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        Hi George & birdayy, Thank you for your comments / feedback. Just wanted to check that I was correct in getting it 'all in' OTF. Here's how the hand played out! Tony [Prodigy237] umbup:



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