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am i right in thinking he never has AA KK pre here?

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  • am i right in thinking he never has AA KK pre here?

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    why? these stakes he can have anything.


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      fast never would be better word on the board like this there's left one hand of AA and one hand of KK it's just 0.25% of hand range


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          I wouldn't say "never", because villains at these stakes tend to make all manner of fancy plays. 4-betting with KK+ would be standard for villain, so when he just flats you're usually looking at a range of QQ-TT/AQ+, although he might have much worse.
          As played, I'd usually make a continuation bet on this board, but checking can work too, if you want QQ/JJ to take a stab at the pot. If you take the check-call line on the flop, then check-raising the turn makes most sense to me. If villain trapped you with KK+, then it's kind of a cooler. With top 2 in a 3-bet pot, you're pot-committed and have to stack off (you're not folding to a river bet on a blank, are you?) so get the money in on the turn, expecting to beat AQ, and freeroll against AK with no flush draw. When you check-call turn as well, I think villain is shoving most rivers, but I wouldn't want to take the risk of him checking behind with AQ, that will be worried you have him beat, so I'd lead out on this river for maximum value.
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            i was just thinking with the check river if i jam looks like iv slow played a monster..... its not my normal line but was so sure i was good as i said cant see him not 4 betting with AA KK and he never has 33 so wanted to make it look like i had QQ JJ or on some kinda draw


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              Originally posted by ArtySmokesPS View Post
              With top 2 in a 3-bet pot, you're pot-committed and have to stack off
              100bb deep sure, not 200, imo.

              Edit: misread your post, if you're check-raising the turn yeah I suppose you'll be pot committed by that point. Though I think x/c flop x/r turn is FPS to the max and totally unnecessary (Just as a general sentiment, I realise you weren't advocating it explicitly) In addition, not sure what hands exactly we're expecting to call us that are much worse if we x/r turn, we have that board pretty crushed and our line will look n*tt*d (apparently salt snacks are a swearword, who knew?! :P) as hell.

              I would like a bigger 3b preflop personally and very rarely checking the flop. You flopped a strong hand, it's 2NL bet,bet,bet, get the money in! :P

              As for the AA/KK, almost never.
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