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Calling down OOP with TPTK and Over pairs

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  • Calling down OOP with TPTK and Over pairs

    Is there a better way to play these hands?

    Mp opens and everyone folds to me in the BB i flat with AQ and the flop comes Q72r

    Villain bets between half pot and 2/3 i check call, Turn comes a blank and he bets again i check call.

    River is K i check he checks and he shows Qx.

    Seems pretty standard?

    UTG opens and i flat in the BB with JJ flop comes Txx or other low flops with no draws.

    I check call 2/3rd PSB, Turn is a blank and i check call another bet, river comes i check he checks.

    Can you see the pattern here every time i call OOP im check calling with TPTK or an over pair on dry flops and im not raising.

    Sometimes i might lead the river for half pot in the Jacks hand but im never raising.

    Now lets say i flop a set or two pair i might raise the turn if its dry flop and i only raise the flop with a set if its draw heavy where i would raise with draws as well.

    So as you can see here every time i check call OOP i have a weak hand between a pair below the highest card on the flop to an over pair, so anyone who is taking notes on my lines will know every time i raise to fold and every time i check call the turn that they can either put a massive bet on some rivers and get me off of some of those over pairs as well or they can just check behind with a marginal hand and hope to win at showdown.

    So is there a better way to play TPTK and over pairs OOP?

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    that's sort of the nature of being OOP depending on where the villain is i would be more inclined to 3bet(vs BU/CO), but with the 2 hands you've mentioned i'd probably be check calling as well. If i flop a set i'm x/c'ing the flop and likely leading the turn on a blank as i'm trying to extract the most value... since i know you run a hud check the opponents WTSD value if it's above 70% i'm leading the turn/river with a set as they'll likely pay me off


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      If you call in the blinds and make top pair, then check-calling flop when heads up is usually good. Let him make his c-bet, and just call it. Villain will often shut down on the turn if he has air, but some will keep barrelling. You can consider donking the turn or river for value, as this often confuses villain into making a light call.
      With stronger hands (sets, two pairs), my default line is check-call flop, check-raise turn. (If the turn goes check-check, then lead the river). The x-c / c-r line reps the effective nuts, but it's amazing how often villains will pay you off with one pair.
      The thing to note is that when playing OOP, you're unlikely to get three streets of value from a worse hand, so you're usually aiming to get 2 streets, generally by playing the flop passively (check-calling) and then either leading or check-raising the turn.
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