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  • 5 nL zoom

    should i call or wut? i just hate those bigreraise , it can be flush draws, but can be setz too

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    Do you have any stats on the player or have any notes on them?

    For me it's an easy fold. Your both deep stacked and he has nearly 5x re-raised. I can't see them doing this unless they are already happy to get 200bbs all in


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      It can be pretty much anything as no reads given.

      If he is aggressive he could just be trying to get you off a hand like you had. If he is passive, he has the nuts, easy fold.


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        Hi GL!

        I agree with the others, this guy has a polarized range in this spot. He may be protecting two pair or better, or he may be semi-bluffing a strong draw. It is tough to say without notes/reads on the villain. Make sure you put a note on this guy regarding his betsizing. It can come in handy in the future.

        Without a read, there are some very important factors here that help us make a decision. Firstly, you are out of position. This is going to make playing future streets difficult. Secondly, your hand does not have much potential to develop into the nuts since you don't have a flush draw and only a weak straight draw. Finally, you and the villain are deep stacked here. You want to protect your stack. Folding as you did looks like the best choice when confronted with such a large raise. This will quickly become a big pot and we can expect the villain to barrel at least once more. So, check-calling will not keep the pot under control. Good fold!

        GL and have fun at the tables!

        Roland GTX



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