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5NL Zoom (6max), another river all in bet....

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  • 5NL Zoom (6max), another river all in bet....

    UTG VPIP 37:31 (27 UTG) AG 2 4BR 2.9 FCB 17 FCBT 0 AG%R20 Pre-flop He seems to be very loose so I 3-bet to try to narrow his range and hope to win the pot there. Flop Got 2 pair on a wet board so I bet pretty big to protect my hand and he called. At this point I put him on some kinda draws. Turn Pretty save card there so I bet again. He called. River Oh well..... the flush got there and he pushed all-in Questions 1) 3-bet pre-flop against a loose UTG player the right play? 2) Fold or call? 3) Is it right to assume that he was on some kind of draws?

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    How many hands do you have on villain?
    I would not 3bet here with A9s, especially when he has a fcb that low, maybe it's just me tho.
    I think I'd fold, your percieved range is kinda strong, Im not sure he will call 2 streets with a marginal hand against your percieved range. OTR I think he was afraid you'll check and got the initiative, tried to look bluffy, that's what it looks like to me.


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      I think it is ok to 3bet a loose player with A9s, since we have position.
      I believe we should be folding river, especially since villain is not that aggressive on the river.
      It is right to assume that villain was drawing, but the line they took looks more like a flush draw who got there.


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        Hi rofl,

        I'm going with Praydk on this one. I'm not sure I like the preflop 3bet let alone a call. I'm just throwing my hand away. Although villain seems loose, they might not be so much from UTG. Also, we don't know how many hands we have on them (unless I misread the information you provided) I think against loose opponents who don't fold to 3bets enough we could be widening our value range and cutting down on our bluffing range. Here with A9s, I'm not sure in which category to put it in: is it a value hand against their starting range or a bluff? Even though the opponent starts with a wide range they don't necessarily have to continue with one.

        As for the river, I'm not sure what someone with a sane mind would lead shove like that with What makes sense is a weakly played FD that hit the river and went for max value. Unlikely to get it though with that line. Unless they are weak and just looking at their cards which probably could be the case for 5nl and their stats. Calling to find out the truth is going to be expensive.


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          I won't comment on post flop because geo has covered it pretty well.

          3betting a hand like A9s is absolutely fine depending on our positions.

          If he opened on the CO then it would be a much better spot because calling is a worse option.

          When we 3b the utg, we'll get 4b a tonne more and have to fold because people's ranges are generally a lot stronger. If UTG is a very good player then it can be effective to seldom 3b bluff with blockers to get folds from hands like AJ etc.

          Your sizing should also be bigger as we'd ideally like folds rather than calls.


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            Thanks all for the replays First I have to apologize for some miss info here . ( I generally go though my hands and post problems here right before I go to bed )

            I have about 1.5k hands on him.
            VPIP 37 PFR 31 PFR-UTG 27 4BR 2.9
            The stats I posted wrong were FCB 43 and FCBT 23

            I didn't post F3B 55 cause it doesn't seem that accurate as he steals a lot ST 73 so will F3B quite often. But just figured out how to read by position F3B EP is 47.

            Just wondering with those info would you guys still fold BTN with A9s? And would you call the river bet?

            I did fold at the end



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