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Bottom set vs 2 opponents OOP

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  • Bottom set vs 2 opponents OOP

    Hey guys Could you share your thoughts on this one? Is it okay to donk this flop? Not sure if checkraise would accomplish much. Planning to bet all the way to the end no matter the turn card. If the turn card completes a possible straight and I'm facing a reraise should it be a clear decision to fold? Both villains are unkown.
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    c/r flop, shove turn.

    donking is ok I guess but I think we can build the pot faster by check/raising.


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      Hi morduk666,

      I think calling the 3bet here to set mine is kind of marginal. We don't close the action and the EP raiser can go over the top there and we'd have to fold. Also when we are set mining we have to take into consideration the implied odds. I'd like to use 15x the bet when I am IP and 20x the bet when OOP. Disregarding the fact that we don't close the action, to make my set mine profitable I want to be able to win 20 x 0.06 more or 1.2$. In this case, the happen to have 1.21$ but that marginal win and the fact that we don't close the action makes me want to fold my hand preflop.

      As played, we can either x/r or lead this flop. I think MW I would prefer leading out here and expect the same result as x/r if one of them has an overpair or a combo draw.


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        Had a feeling setmining could be marginal in this spot. However, 1st villain 2bb open looked weak so I decided to take a shot. Thanks for the review guys.


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          Stacks are too shallow to go set-mining, but as played, this is one of the rare spots where I'm always donking for value (about 20c), and then probably check-shoving blank turns when a villain should bet in position and be pot-committed to calling off. Donking and then check-shoving is a fancy line that pretty much turns your hand face up, but I don't think 2NL villains will be good enough to recognise it, and will stack off with KQ, AJ, AK, overpairs and flush draws etc.
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