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KK - Do I Cbet?

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  • KK - Do I Cbet?

    Readless. If I cbet no Ace folds, but would any worse hands call? I check, but then when he bets I call as I think he may be bluffing & call the turn bet, but fold to river as feel I must be beat after his 3 bets. Does being oop make cbetting a better option?

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    Cbet looks standard to me, but some times I may choose line you took. The thing is river card is terrible, FD closed and you don't beat Tx.You are behind to fast everything he might bet on the two streets and I think he may do it with FD with Tx(because it's BB vs SB) and of course weak A. I would call his river bet without T or Heart.
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      Yes you should be cbetting OOP with KK BvB.

      To quote Dave in a similar hand that was posted (KK OOP on a A high board);

      Originally posted by TheLangolier View Post
      No, I'm not check/peeling, out of position I think we should be continuation betting. Checking invites him to bluff us and without position we can't get to showdown if he does. In position I like checking back more when checked to in this type of spot.


      Checking is worse here imo because it invites all worse hands to bluff, or if he's not the bluffing type, take a free card and realize some of his equity. By c-betting we protect our equity and remove bluffs from his range.


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        And if hero cbets and villain calls, put one more barrel on a safe turn? and if villain calls it too, x/f a safe river or try to catch the bluffs from the missed draws?


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          Hi carl,

          Yes, I would c-bet this flop, and if called, barrel the turn. In a blind v blind situation these bets are for value... we'll tend to get less credit for a real hand so we'll get peeled on the flop by Tx, 8x, QJ/KQ/Q9/J9, some pure floats. Also, at 25NL more players defend aggressively blind v blind and 3b with more than just strong value hands... we don't have a read here but it would be fair to say that *if* he has a light 3-betting range blind v blind, it would start with A-x, so because he doesn't 3b us pre, there's less aces in his range in general.

          With a blank turn I like betting again for value vs. the draws, Tx, 8x hands. If we get raised, we can fold. The river is gross in that it gets both the flush draw and Tx there... I'd probably check/fold the river. If we're good, he'll check down his showdown value in this spot, so we only get bluffed by the few combos of J9 and QJ in his range, so may not be enough bluffs to pick off on the river.
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