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Live Cash w/ KQs

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  • Live Cash w/ KQs

    Home game that is 0.25/0.50 with a $100 buy in.

    I'm $115 deep and BB is $200 deep. He's a weird player who I haven't played with before but takes super spewey lines from what i've seen.

    Table is 9 handed. UTG limps and 4 other players limp along.

    I'm in the SB and overlimp with KhQh.

    BB checks.

    Flop: KsKdTh

    I lead out for $2.75 into a pot of $3.

    BB raises to $11.50, everybody folds, and I call his raise.

    Turn: 2d

    I check to the BB who goes all in ($100 into $35).

    Hero ???

    Having not played with this guy I don't know if he's stupid enough to check AK in the BB, so the only value range that is beating is AK, KT and TT.

    Would you call off here?


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    Hi Birdayy,

    I would snap call here. Weird player who takes super spewy lines is probably going to table K-rag in this spot the vast majority of the time. And some % of the time QJ, or Tx. I doubt he's doing this often with KT because he expects you to fold to his overbet shove. I mean, bad players do things that make no sense all the time, so it's possible he shows you the odd KT, AK, or TT. But trust me, he will show you enough Kx and random nonsense to make up for those few times he stacks you. Also when behind you are never drawing dead on the river, but he can be sometimes when he's being stupid (Tx, J9, AJ).

    Live small stakes home game vs. this villain as described, pretty much a fist pump call for me tbh.
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