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  • AK

    So i bet flop with my back door straight and flush, hoping to fold out all the trash 5nl players call 3bets with but he calls so even though my turn card gives me a gutter and it would scare ATs which im pretty sure this guy can have with some small pairs he might peel the flop with i decided to bet. Is this a good bet after he calls flop seen as hes gonna have alot of overs and sets if he calls?

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    Hi mike,

    I don't think this is a good barreling card for us, it improves his range a lot more than it does ours. I would check this card, and call a reasonable bet, fold to a big bet.
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      Check/folding turn seems like the best line you can take for me.
      Villain rarely will fold AT type of hands there and their range improves more than ours.
      We have some showdown equity and we rarely make worse hands call there, so yeah check turn.


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        Yh i thought so i was kinda stuck with what to do i remember how we shouldn't continue betting with air when the turn improves alot of the hands that call the flop but then i was like but this card improves me so im gonna barrel it.

        So thats another spew fixed lol and it is pretty spewy its not a spot i find myself in often as i know it hurts the winrate when you get caught out but i saw it as a spot where i can post the hand up and see if its the right play.

        Just so i don't get mixed up though if the flop was T24 with a heart and the turn was a J or a K can we barrel then because now his calling range on the flop is gonna be more TP and PP heavy. I think i prefer a K more than J as he flatted the 3bet and i don't expect to got floated by AK for a reasonable size bet what you think?

        Or don't we like that line what so ever in 3bet pots because im repping a really narrow range because i 3bet as well. Can we pretend the player is reading hands to some degree i wouldn't go about bluffing really bad players like this im just doing it to learn more than anything.
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