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zoom game hand analysis

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  • zoom game hand analysis

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    Bet flop for sure, since that flop is at good as it gets, if not raise turn to make the pot bigger.
    River is hilarious though, I approve.
    Very lucky but next time try to play more aggressively.


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      You dont provide any reads for the players involved.

      I think raising pre is fine. I think you should be betting flop rather than slow playing a huge draw. We're pretty happy to see any club or any ten arrive although only the ten of clubs gives us the absolute nuts here. So look to get the money in with equity.

      I would raise turn, he might have A of clubs with a random non club and just fold if he misses the river, and you miss out on value.

      As for the river, how in the name of all things good and holy did it take 7 bets to get the money in? Stop button clicking and get the money in, his hand might slip at some point and he just clicks call or fold instead of raise by mistake.


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        Hi fishy88888! Welcome to the forum. When posting a hand for analysis, it helps if you can give us any notes, stats or reads on your opponents, along with your thought processes, so we can give suggestions.

        I think GP and bhoylegend have pretty much covered this one, and for me, with the way this board ran out, the line to take is quite simple: pot-pot-shove. If you were in position on the button, then you could consider checking the flop, as you smashed it so thoroughly, but at 5NL I would generally bet for value when out of position and look to get my stack in at the earliest opportunity.
        What purpose does checking do, other than miss a street of value when villain checks behind? You should try building the pot, because this is the kind of board that a villain is likely to have connected with. If he has no clubs, then a club on the turn will kill your action and you'll end up winning the absolute minimum. You're exceptionally lucky this time though, as the villain makes the nut flush when you bink the one-outer. There's no reason to slowplay. It misses so much value. Obviously you got paid on the river, because the villain had slowplayed the 2nd nuts, but you'd be kicking yourself if he just called the 30c on the end, which is what he'd do with all his two pair hands, sets and probably even the straight too.
        Once he's raised the river, just shove all in for max value. The clickback war is amusing, but not good poker. He has a hand that wants to play for stacks, so get it all in and get paid.

        Hope this helps!

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          Hello fishy,

          Welcome to PokerSchoolOnline. Here's a short video about PSO and what it has to offer you. Also check out >>This Page<< for more info.

          We're here to help you so please feel free to ask any questions you may have.

          Thanks for being part of PSO, and Best of Luck at the Tables


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