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Help with the 4 and 2 Rule!

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  • Help with the 4 and 2 Rule!

    I have a problem understanding when to continue on a hand, when my opponet bets on the turn. what i mean is, i am not quite sure when am i getting the right price to call OTT.
    Lets say that OTF i have a flush draw
    that means, by the above Rule, i have a 36%(4X9 outs) or 2.7:1 chance to hit my flush. therefore, i should call my opponets bet if i am getting 2.7:1 or better pot odds
    the turn is a blank
    now, i have a 18%(2X9 outs) or 5.5:1 chance to hit the flush. how much should i call to see the river? when i am getting 5.5:1 or better pot odds, or when i am getting 2.7:1 or better since i had 36% chance hitting the flush in the first place?
    thats the part that confuses me
    could anyone help me?

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    Without complicating things with percentages. The odds from flop to turn are the same as turn to river. Your flush draw with 9 (clean) outs on the flop is 4:1 if you miss the turn you still have (roughly) the same odds turn to river.

    The difference is when all in on the flop with 2 cards to come your getting 2:1 on your money.

    The pot is $100 and the villain bets $20 so 100+20/20 is 6:1 is a CALL. Turn is a blank and villain bets $50. After calling the flop bet, pot was 140, now +50 for the turn bet so 190/50 is 3.8:1, not quite 4:1 so strictly a FOLD but I would call definitely with an over card.
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      The "4" part of thr rule is frequently abused. And it only applies when no more betting is possible.

      But you need to get odds a bit better that the rule, unless it's an all-in situation. First, your opponent may out draw you. Second you may hit your hand but not be paid off. Third, you frequently need to consider implied odds instead of pot odds so effective stacks come into play.

      The way to success in poker is to make better decisions, that is fewer mistakes, minimize your losses and maximize your wins.

      Asking good questions, as you have here, is an excellent start.

      Good decisions.


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        i still don't get it...



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