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oversized all-ins

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  • oversized all-ins

    any tips?
    not sure which one of my hands today was worse played i guess that that AQ was worse cuz i was beating only some KQ , JJ ...

    the hand with 9T i was beating JJ , KK , QQ , 2pairs... but then again with those highpairs he would probably reraise preflop
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    Hi GL,

    I think it's good you understand they are poorly played, that's important progress to make.

    The biggest leaks here are actually preflop, which has led to the 2nd biggest leaks (on compounding interest) post flop. Open fold T9o from UTG. AQo is actually worse imo. You have no reads, 3-betting an UTG open is probably not optimal without reads as we should be assigning UTG a decent opening range and 3-betting will only serve to fold out many of the worse hands and steals while getting continued action from the parts of his range that crush AQ, which seriously devalues a situation which originally has some value (albeit not well defined as we don't know anything about the openers UTG range or post flop tendencies). And then to make it worse, he 4-bets and you call... he gave you a chance to get away from a dominated hand here, even for an unknown at these stakes I would think an UTG 4-bet out of position is likely to be QQ+ and AK at the loosest. Some players will only take this action with KK and AA. Getting away from AQ here is critical.

    Post flop, big overbets are typically value bets, or sometimes big (combo) draws... in terms of ranges and equity, they are almost always hands a player thinks they have high equity with. In the T9 hand it's possible he might do this with a set, but considering you can have KK yourself it would be a pretty sketchy with JJ, and I'm not sure about stacking off 158bb's on the flop in a single raised pot here. The AQ hand should be folded for sure, he already told us his range was crushing us preflop and we have out flopped none of it.
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