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10NL 6-Max Zoom: Flopped Trips, Best Value Line?

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  • 10NL 6-Max Zoom: Flopped Trips, Best Value Line?

    This 10NL Zoom hand was played HUDless on my phone this morning.

    I flop a strong hand and want to get max value as well as protect my hand. Against most villains I prefer leading out with a bet on the flop for the reasons below. Are there any good arguements for checking this flop?

    1. I want to build the pot making for larger bets on future streets.
    2. A c-bet is expected, so it is not setting off warning bells for the villain.
    3. This flop has no scare cards like an A. It connects with a large part of the villain's calling range or he can have two overs. If he has any potential with his hand, I would expect him to continue.
    4. I don't want to give him a free card by checking or check-calling.
    5. Check-raising often shuts down the action.

    I improve on the turn and am now happy to get all my chips in the middle. I tried to size my 3b so that I was left with a callable shoving stack for the river.


    Roland GTX

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    I like it i wouldn't check that flop vs BU he can have alot of hands he will want to see the turn with, I wish i could get action like that maybe my 3x raises scare everyone one off. Every time i raise they think about there hand for like 20 secs and fold even when they have been potting the flop and turn and i raise.


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      All looks completely standard and optimal to me, Greg. The beauty of raising a hand like 87s is that a villain is hardly ever putting you on that post-flop. He's more likely to put you on something like AK or a big pair. This means you can c-bet Axx flops and use fold equity to take down the pot (the ace scares villain if he can't beat it), but you can also get paid on the rare occasions you smash a flop that is all middling cards.
      Bet-sizing looks good to me. Villain can put you on an overpair (but should also be wary of a boat with 99) so you're somewhat fortunate that he hit his 4-outer on the river, but your line and thought process looks solid. There's absolutely no reason to get cute and slowplay at any point. You want to stack this villain, and betting and raising to set up a value-jam on the river is perfect.
      Nice hand!
      Bracelet Winner


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        I'd say your line is definatly fine. Especially at the smaller stakes people tend to make a lot more calling mistakes compared to betting mistakes so Cbetting that flop instead of checking is the correct move for sure imo.

        It kinda depends on what your read is on villain. If you see him as a passive fish I think you should have Cbet the flop for something like 0,55 or even 0,6 which will make a pretty signicant difference on how big the pot is gonna be by the river. The betsizing is fine if you think villain is a good thinking player. He should be calling your Cbet alot there in that case since it's a really floatable flop against your CO steal range.

        Really love the bet sizing on the turn though! betting your value hands big is by far where the most value comes from at the smaller stake cashgames! as for the 3bet size it is ok although making it a little bigger would not have hurt imo, since there are alot of river cards that could scare him off something like 7X or an overpair so getting more money in the middle right now and giving him better odds on the riv in case a scary card hits might be something to think about!
        Last edited by maDe91; Thu Oct 17, 2013, 07:48 PM.


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          Welcome to PSO and thanks for your input maDe91 - good stuff! Im looking forward to your future posts

          Roland GTX



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