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Zoom 6-max AKo

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  • Zoom 6-max AKo

    6 max Zoom 5NL

    stats on villian
    16/11/4 252hands

  • #2
    Seems standard to me.
    Unless he was value shoving river with AQ, AJ, we were probably beat there.
    We could be getting bluffed by busted flush draws, but not so often from that villain, so I like the fold.


    • #3
      Are we stacking off if he 4 bets us preflop, i would normally call there vs UTG open. Just a thought if we know villain would only 4bet KK and AA would the best line with AK in this spot to be 3 bet and fold pre?


      • #4
        Vs this tight guy i rather call preflop.

        I don't see myself folding here, most players will raise their sets on that board if he didn't props to him. Doesn't seem the kind of guy to be calling a lot of trash here, fold to 3bet would help.


        • #5
          Hi PW,

          I think the fold is good. I agree with Mike and Carlos, really not a fan of 3-betting preflop here out of position vs. an UTG opener who's a nit and 130bb effective. I would fully expect him to fold AJ to this action and he might fold AQ as well, so we are going to get continued action from a range that plays well against AK and has position on us, while folding out most of his opening range parts that we dominate. If we flat, he will never put us on AK because so many players just auto 3b it even when it's not good, so we not only keep his range as wide as possible and force his dominated hands to remain in, but we also keep our defending range very balanced as we can show up with hands like AK in the future as well as small pairs, suited broadways and connectors. (Balance not being terribly important at these stakes but regardless I think flatting the AK is more +EV than 3-betting it here).
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