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  • AA

    What do you think of my bet sizing normally i go abit smaller but no one calls so i was like right il bet big so if i get called stacks are going in by the river no problem but then i thought well what will call this size and i thought AJ QQ and the slow played KK. But other than that JJ is calling and small pairs that made a set and its pretty obvious alot of 5nl players are set mining in 3bet pots, so what size is best on the flop to get called by TT maybe 99 and AK floats, hoping they pick up a K on the turn, obviously slow played KK would beat me but i dont mind the odd suck out to get some more action. So should i go for a check or half pot? Some players might call with a flush draw whats the best sizing to get them to come along as well im not sure if i would like to get a flush draw all in myself in a 3bet pot i havent came across that problem yet.
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    It's not a big bet it's small I think and you can't bet smaller MW pot , you can't give them right odds.
    If they play fit or fold you can't make them pay and you can't check on the draw board. It's fine to me.


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      Yh i dont like a check i was just asking anyhow so you dont think my sizing only invites better hands to come along other that QQ and AJ and i wouldn't call 1.20 there to hit a flush it would be a fold or move all in but i wouldn't like moving all in so it would be a fold for me that is.

      I mean even them showing up with AJ is slim i never see any full stack players in 3 bet pots without 22+ and AK and AQ so if i was to see AJ here i would be surprised unless the guy with AJ was a shorty.

      I can understand why we should be betting on the bigger end i can just see myself only getting called by better though it happened the other night actually i had AA and this guy a 5x raise by me with 44 after i isolated him and then hitsh is 44 when i near pot flop and turn. The thing is everyone at 5nl zoom are so nitty and fit or fold if your getting it in by the river in a 3bet pot the best you can hope for is to be stacking QQ on a T high flop every other time they got sets.

      On reg tables you can get called down by bottom pair but at zoom its TPTK atleast and even thats rare.


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        I've never seen a more standardly played hand


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          This looks perfectly standard, as bird said. I generally bet about half pot in 3-bet pots, as that's quite enough to get stacks in by the river, if not earlier. You're all fairly deep here (more than 100bb behind) but, because it's multiway, the SPR is still less than 3.
          You'll get precisely the same action here whether you bet 80c (just under half pot), $1.20 (your actual bet) or $1.50. Villains' ranges in a 3-bet pot aren't going to radically alter based on your sizing. They're either stacking off (eventually), or they are folding on the flop.
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            So what would you expect them to call a flop bet with? I just wanna know if im ranging them correctly and i think they would call with QQ KK flush draws and straight draws if they call 3bets with 9T QT and so fourth, i never had my hud running so i have no idea if the SB would call with 9T there or if the BU would flat my squeeze with those hands, i would expect a raise from JJ 88 44.

            With my bet sizing though i dont expect to get floated by AK that dont have a flush draw or any other over cards they might have, would you say thats fair to assume?

            What about 99 TT do you think i would fold those hands with my flop bet or would they peel i would peel 99 TT sometimes HU but in a 3 way pot i would give villain credit for a hand so would just fold 99 TT.


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              I think your ranging is fine, Mike, but you don't really have to think about ranges too much in this spot. They might have some suited connectors occasionally, and TT/99 are probably calling a flop bet too (putting you on AK), but your question was about the bet size. If a villain has a set, he's raising. If he has a pair or a draw, he's calling, whether you make it 80c or $1.30. I suppose that means you'll get more value by betting toward the top end, but with a draw or a good pair, a villain is always calling all in on safe turns anyway, as he'll be just as pot-committed as you are.

              The basic premise is that you have a hand strength and an SPR that means you are committed to getting all in, so it doesn't really matter what villains have in this spot. You're getting it in vs top pair, strong draws and sets, but you're not getting anything from stuff like KQdd or 87s.
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                Ok cool thats good to hear i think ive been abit to results orientated because i keep getting owned at 5nl in 3bet pots with KK and AA, ive kind of been like i dont want to see any more aces and kings because i make a nice profit playing postflop and then get coolered with AA and KK. So maybe my thought process in 3bet pots has been to nitty and i always expect to see a monster hand.



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