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10NL 6-Max Overpair Optimal Line

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  • 10NL 6-Max Overpair Optimal Line

    Been a long time guys! Not sure if I took the best line here. V5: 78/11, AF 0.2 over 28 hands. Flop FCB: 14%(7), Turn FCB: 0%(6), River FCB: 50%(2) Previously saw him open PF shoving 59bb 33. Also, he had flat PFR with AA in BB. Called 2 streets cbet as overpair, river donked, called raise V3: 24/19, AF 2.4 over 1.5k hands. F3B: 36%(38) V2: 38/23, AF 17 over 68 hands PF: Saw TAG V3 raise large. I flat OOP to keep V2 in the pot and hope V5 will come along. Flop: Planned to bet/fold 2 streets and set up an easy river all-in with my overpair. When V5 called 2 streets, I see 98, 97, T9, J9, A9, 55, 66, 99, 65, 87, 88, 77 in his range, since he's a calling station. Will the King n Ace change the plan about betting 3 streets? Will you check-call or check-fold OTR?
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    I would 3bet preflop, since BTN seems to be isolating two limpers and he probably will not be very strong, he makes it kind of big but, i think i still like a 3bet. I dont think JJ its the kind of hand i would like to invite everyone in on a big pot.

    As played i like the lead, also the turn bet since he is very likely to be on a draw. However river is a clear check, don't think anything worst will call, his hand looks really like a 9x (that would have a hard time calling) or some busted draws that he can bluff, if he hit a K or A you are value owning yourself because he wont fold, if you check he will be happy to showdown 9x, if he bets you can decide tu bluff catch.

    This is a mistake Gareth was asking why in one of his training session where seems that a lot of players like to represent a stronger hand when they have a decent hand, just to avoid getting bluff or exploited, which not many player will do to you at micros.
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      I agree with carlos about 3bet, I don't like playing mw OOP without initiative. as played, you choose passive line PF, your lead OTF means TT-JJ. after V5 call I would check OTT because he's passive and I don't expect him to bet with worse hands and my hand doesn't cost all of my chips. If he check's I bet river if he bets OTT I fold. There are K9 A9 in his hand range also. I think hand is overplayed.


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        Hi TANW,

        I kind of agree with the guys about 3betting preflop. I think our hand plays fairly well postflop but not MW and we benefit from isolating the weak players. But I'm not too sure if it should be a 3bet/fold or get it in against the BTN as it seems he does not fold much to 3bets. I'd personally go for a 3bet/fold against the BTN. Yet in this spot I can expect him to be raising wider because of the limpers. As played, this is such a trouble flop with three players in the pot. Could be a bet/fold I think or even perhaps a check/call one street and re-evaluate or even check/fold if there was too much action before us. The thing is, I really want to try to control the size of the pot here. But now that we bet and get called the pot has become huge relative to our stack size. I wouldn't be too worried to get bluffed here too often especially against this villain so maybe even check the turn and look to get thin value on safe rivers against 9x, 88, 77. When we bet the river we are either gonna get a fold or be beat when they call. I think we should be check folding even though we have invested so much in the pot already; that's why I think we need to be taking a pot control line on earlier streets, but I think the main issue was not 3betting preflop.


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          As others have said, 3b pre for reasons stated.

          I hope you realize you are turning JJ into a bluff we can barrel the turn and river?

          That being said, if you are playing JJ for what it is, check turn and/or river.


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            Thx all! Yup I agree about 3-betting PF. After flatting, the issue was whether we should get 2 or 3 streets of value. I wanted 3 streets thus overplayed this hand. He called the river with K5o.



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