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giumbixovici - My hands

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  • giumbixovici - My hands

    hand played very bad, I think...

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    u could have just called that river, cuz if he bluffs then by reraising u will most often get called by A4, A9, AQ, but with these hands he will probably most of the time raise on flop or turn.
    He was just calling flop and turn, so he was giving u respect for better hand (if he wasnt slowplaying some 44, 99, AA), so since he flopcall + turncall + bet river --> you can just hope that he bluffs and just call him down... but by reraising u will only get called by worse or ocassionally by crazy donkey with KK, JJ or some low A like A3
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      Hi giumbixovici,

      I think calling preflop is kind of meh... Our hand is very well dominated from that position. I don't think villain will have enough weaker Ax hands in their range so I'd keep that in mind if I do happen to hit TP and look to proceed cautiously. So we flop trips, and I think here we are either way ahead or way behind especially by the turn because now we lose to AK, AQ, AJ and A9 and split with AT. I think here we could take a pot control line by checking back and looking to induce a river bluff. I think that would more applicable on a non spade turn, because now we don't want to give them a free card if they were cbetting with a KsQs type of hand. However your sizing is pretty small there and won't achieve that purpose. As played I think we need to be folding to their river bet, because I don't see any bluffs in their range given that we called the flop and bet the turn.


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        Hello. I have another hand.


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          AS PLAYED:
          OTF: I think your play is fine. Looks a lot like a set or maybe AA. There's a ton of raising going on here.
          OTT: You bet 1/2 pot. I don't like this play with KQ. You're WAAAAAY behind at this point of the hand but you still have some equity. Unfortunately by betting here, you've turned your hand into a bluff and you may as well done this with 23o.
          OTR: checking back here means you're giving up. As you should with KQ on this board, however, because we bet the turn. I think shoving the river here as a bluff can work a lot. AS PLAYED I WOULD SHOVE THIS RIVER. checking back as played means you lose 100%

          Basically your turn play screwed you. Better line to take with the hand would have been:
          OTF: I think your play is fine, we're super deep getting it in OTF wouldn't be horrible depending on the aggressiveness of our opponent, I actually think this would be +EV against aggro given the range we can put our opponent on, but as played I think it's also fine.
          OTT: I would check this back 100% (horrible card)
          OTR: fold if villain bets and check if villain checks.


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            Another. I won this one, but was it the right play? I was in the SB, the villain reraised big from the button and I don't think he wanted to steal the initial bet and call.
            Last edited by giumbixovici; Thu Apr 10, 2014, 10:27 PM.


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              Hi giumbixovici, please post your hands in separate threads for a Hand Analyzer to evaluate.



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