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good fold on river?

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  • good fold on river?

    zoom , no info

    i thought that one of them might have 6 so i planned to checkcall about 1/2-potsized bet, but he potsize-bet and i donkey fold... and player behind me hero calls.... i m just so bad or wut?

    could i checkcalled river? i feared that when i checkcall it, the other player behind me might push allin with his big stack (and i expect them to have basically any hand at 2NL so he could have 6 as he showed ATo here...)

    i just put 35cents in the hand so i was uncomfortable calling 1$ bet here :/ although as i look at it now it is so tight by me :/
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    Hi GL,

    I think we should be bet/folding on the river tbh. In a 3 way pot it's reasonable to assume one of them has a weak J like JT, and they will pay us off with it but may not bet themselves if checked to, so we stand to lose value not betting again. If we get raised on the river at this level we can give them a ton more credit for a 6 imo.

    As played, I would call this river bet. The sizing is concerning but there are some factors arguing for a call.

    -All flopped draws missed. Someone with hands like 8s7s or 75 can only win by bluffing.

    -The last guy is betting. If P3 had bet that would show more strength, but P5 betting after both players check to him invites him to try and bluff with busted draws

    -Skills are generally poor at this level, so players may not only bluff more in spots like this and choose poor sizing, but they may also bet a hand like JT simply because they think they're good when checked to and not apply sound logic to it (they won't get called by enough worse hands to make betting profitable if they have a J with a bad kicker).

    So I think this is a call for sure. And yes, we'll get shown a 6 sometimes. But we'll pick off enough worse hands to make calling profitable here imo.
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