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5NL Zoom (6max), facing turn re-raise

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  • 5NL Zoom (6max), facing turn re-raise

    Hi all~~ BTN stats VPIP 31:27 AG 4 ST 50 143 hands Seems like a loose-aggressive type FLOP He steals a lot so I think my TP is good on this flop. Turn seems pretty harmless but now has FD so I bet again, but he re-raised. Should I have folded here? River I think I made a bad mistake here by betting Questions 1) Should I chk OTT? 2) Should I fold OTT? what kinda hands will raise here? slow played Ax set? 88? TT+? 3) Should I chk OTR? 4) Should I fold or call the raise OTR? 5) should I 3-bet SB here? or I should have just folded pre-flop?

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    I would call OTR.
    Usually my line is check/call on first two streets here. If there wasn't third 5 OTR, I think I would fold.
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      Hi laughingone,

      Preflop I like to 3b here. A9s is not that easy to play well out of position without the initative. The guy is somewhat LAGgy and is stealing the button half the time, so personally I would be punishing him with frequent 3-bets in this spot. If he has a high fold to 3B%, then I'll be doing so polarized with strong value hands and resteal bluffs. If his fold to 3B% is low, then I'll drop off the pure bluff resteals and add in a wider more depolarized value range. Without a clear read one way or the other, I'm content to 3b and fold to a 4b here personally.

      Flop: I agree we're usually good here, but betting out is not the play. We should be checking and calling here. His wide button range has mostly missed this flop and is now drawing dead to runner runner. When we lead out we give him a chance to fold all these super low equity holdings (and there are a ton of them in his range here). If we check however, he is going to c-bet all of his air to represent the ace, so we get him to put money in with stuff like QTo draing dead to 2 running cards. Same goes for check-raising... any aggressive action on this flop will simply fold out the majority of his worse hands, almost all of which are drawing very thin (the best draw he can have is 2 outs to a pocket pair basically, assuming he's not stealing pre with 23/24/34).

      Turn: This is where we should get away from our hand imo. The line we took of leading out and getting called should worry us. There's no draws on the flop, so he would seem to have a made hand. That could be 5x (probably has some suited 5's in his preflop stealing range), Ax (some of which beat us and some of which we beat), or pocket pairs that don't believe us when we lead the flop and opt to call in position and see what happens. So now on the turn we lead again, and get raised. There is literally no hand in his value raising range that we beat, as I'd expect this to be AQ+ (AQ/AK/5x/88/AA). Time to fold. We only have a bluff catcher now and since our line pretty much screams "I have an ace", he's not likely to be bluffing.

      Also note re: flush draw now... no concern at all. He can't have spades, unless he's got trip 5's as well. He's a bit laggy but not insane, it seems unlikely he decides to float the flop with air that happens to be 2 spades, and then raise a flush draw to try and move us off a pretty obvious ace. This isn't impossible but it would require a bit of a perfect storm of him being some blend of bad and crazy and getting a specific scenario for it to come up.

      River: Check and call imo. Betting accomplishes nothing. It's very clear we have 5's full of aces, so he's either got us tied or beat. If he was making some weird bluff move give him a chance to bluff off the river, otherwise check/call as we will split with AK/AQ/A8 a lot now and hope he doesn't show us 88 or the case 5.
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        thx all for replying

        Like TheLangolier said, he only had 2 outs (he had 88)

        Just one more question, I understand we should prob chk/call on the FLOP but what would be the right play after that? Like this case the 8c came out should I just chk/fold OTT?
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