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5 NL Zoom - Ace high flush on very wet board

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  • 5 NL Zoom - Ace high flush on very wet board

    Hi everyone, I just played a hand with an Ace high flush on a very wet board. Hope you can help me analyse this hand: No Stats on Villian Pre: Maybe a loose call, but I like to play suited aces and the price was not too bad. OTF: Calling with a suited ace pays off. The hearts connect very well to my hole cards. Although my ace high flush is not the nuts here (as straight flushes are possible, I am pretty sure that I have the best hand. As only KhJh and Jh8h are hands that beat me. Of those hands, only KhJh should be in his range and even if he opens with KhJh, it is a very very small portion of his range. Thanks to a topic by Braveslice which I read this afternoon I learned that I should raise my Ace high flush. Therefore I opted for a x/r, hoping for him to 3b. He however just calls. Maybe he has got a set or JJ with the Jh or kings with the Kh.Should I have bet the flop bigger as those hands are calling bigger bets as well? OTT: 10d pairs the board. Now boats are also beating my nice flush. From this point I am unsure how to proceed. I opted to b/f both turn and river (unless river is another 10 or double pairs the board)with big bets to get maximum value from worse flushes and to comfortably fold to a raise. Is this a good play? Or is it much more likely he has called the flop with a set and now almost always has a boat. OTR: River is a blank. I am proceeding according to plan. Or is this a call? I felt he would never shove with anything worse than a boat. Thank for your help in advance
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    Given you called pre, I think you played it fine.

    Your sizing is good on the flop and turn, and bet/folding the river is the right way to play it.

    I honestly never see less than a boat vs a river shove on a board like this, so you made a good fold.


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      Hi Hytres,

      Preflop I would prefer to fold without any reads, A-rag is very hard to play profitably out of position and with no read other than an UTG open, we don't really know what our plan is ot make it profitable.

      I like leading this flop rather than risking a free card that can kill my action from hands like AA, AQ, JJ, etc. Once he bets, I love the check-raise. Get more money in right now as there are so many scare cards that freeze your action.

      I think bet/fold is the right idea on the turn and river here as well. I would size the river bet smaller though, we want to entice calls from hands as weak as JdJh or KsQs on the river, they probably won't pay off the big bet so more like 1.50 is nice imo.

      Fold to the shove is good imo. He's either doing something crazy with a hand like AA or he's got us beat, but our sizings on all streets would make this very crazy with just AA. With the price we have to be right 25% of the time to break even calling his shove... while something crazy isn't impossible, something crazy happening this often, I wouldn't bet my $3.20 on.
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