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2 NL zoom - fold QQ OTT?

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  • 2 NL zoom - fold QQ OTT?

    Hi everyone, Just had a tough spot with QQ. Hope you can help me. Pre: BB 3b pretty large. I thought that QQ was fine IP and with a limper behind. OTF: Seems pretty standard, however pot is getting bigger then I want to with just an overpair OTT: V3 is slowing down. Thought he woukd probably have AK and I was putting V6 on a medium PP 77-JJ (44-66 would have reraised OTF?). With that read I should probably have shoved myself, because they are likely to call with those holdings with so few behind. I guess I wanted to go to SD cheap, because I was not happy with my hand anymore. As played V6 shoves. He has not showed any aggression so far so I was a little surprised. V3 calls. What to do now?

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    Hi Hytres,

    I'd rather not play this sandwiched between the big 3b and the cold caller, so my preference preflop would be to 4b or fold. If V3 is tight this is just a fold tbh, if they are loose/spewy then I'm quite happy 4-betting and getting it in.

    As played the flop call is fine, although I think a case can be made for moving all in here as well. Obviously we will get stacked by AA/KK, but we will stack JJ/TT and also deny AK a chance to realize it's equity since all AK's that aren't the AcKc are probably having to fold to our flop shove. If we were HU this would be my preference, but it's more dicey with V6 behind us as he may well have called with hands that hit this flop hard like 6h5h or 44.

    On the turn once V6 shoves and V3 calls we have a very easy fold imo. There are just far too many ways V6 has us beat now and V3 can have us as well, so we could be in 3rd place at this point quite easily.
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      Thank you Dave for your insights. When you type it, it seems all so easy
      I still have trouble to fold my 1010-QQ pre and later on



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