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10NLz 6max - My opponent said "well played" Hummm

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  • 10NLz 6max - My opponent said "well played" Hummm


    My opponent was a reg and that's the only read. But in chat before folding said - WP and "enough room to flat a 4b".

    Not sure if the comment was a back handed joke or did I play the hand well. My 3b and 4b call pre was position based.

    A flop and turn to dig my way out of a hole well played or not?

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    Can we get any names?

    The regs used to talk to me a lot more at 2nl - they'd say things like, "wow, you really couldn't find it in you to fold before the river?" (while we were on the river, and my draw came in lol) ... stuff like that Hasn't happened in a while

    Maybe he had AA or KK (non-spade) and wasn't sure if you were ahead, but didn't feel like he could call? Nice pot Forrest!
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      Hi Sam, Didn't recognise the name. Seemed strange to say stuff in chat but made me think. "Do you know what I know" sort of thing. So I'm thinking 3b my button your stealing. Response is a 4b that I'm defending light. I'm thinking 4b size you been to Gareth's class bigger size trying a light 4b? Are we stacking 140 deep (i'm not)? Thinking they c-bet a good size well to keep the initiative maybe has me beat. Then the check on the turn got me thinking I'm good here. Anyway not thinking the jam is the best play as I'm never being called by worse and giving 2:1 for his flush + 2 overs. So probably was AA/KK/AK no spade and a good player can find a fold. umbup: PS. And Gareth's c-bet class was about turn cards to bet and that was a good one. So maybe a slip up there.
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        Yesterday I changed my mind and thought maybe he thought your pre-flop 4-bet-calling range, flop c-bet calling range, turn shove range was QQ/JJ/As? But I didn't notice how deep you both were - that would make sense that he would know you might have a wider 3-betting range c/o vs d. And then your turn shove looked fairly strong. Now that I think about it, there have been a couple of times that regs have said stuff right before they folded - usually it's because they've ranged me down to my exact hand ... and been right I think it was a compliment Forrest!! So that's nice umbup: PS Am still working through all the c-betting and 4-betting materials myself - gosh, so many moving parts ... think I'm sort of at that same point of trying to get everything to work together all that the same time and stuff, and it's a real work in progress umbup:


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          JQs its probably to good of a hand to 3bet-fold BTN vs CO, and don't think we are that deep to have good implied odds to call the 4bet so i would just call. Also if you hit only a Q you need to be ready to fold to a double barrel or implied odds goes to reverse implied odds.


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            Originally posted by ForrestFive View Post
            Seemed strange to say stuff in chat
            Didn't mention this before, but sometimes I'll talk out loud versus regs when I'm trying to get myself ready to fold - I guess that's what everybody has been doing to? Just had kind of a funny hand though, because I was talking out loud to myself again ... and the villain told me his hand, which felt kind of awkward, because I wasn't fishing for info. And it didn't matter, because I was thinking that even if he had a flush draw, he likely had overs that had live outs, which was going to make 88 too hard to play oop, but still - kind of unexpected when people start to talk in zoom, isn't it? Although it's kind of nice too, since we play against the same people every day but never have a chance to talk Was kind of shocked to have somebody say something back since I was just sort of talking to myself (c/o was loose, bb was tight) Dealt to TrustySam [8c 8d] marajo_br: folds kykyindigo: folds handybart62: raises $0.20 to $0.30 PTForce: folds TrustySam: raises $0.50 to $0.80 ph@ntom_f12: calls $0.70 handybart62: folds *** FLOP *** [6d 4d 2c] TrustySam: bets $1.20 ph@ntom_f12: raises $1.50 to $2.70 TrustySam said, "sigh ..." TrustySam said, "what u have ... something like TT, JJ?" ph@ntom_f12 said, "fd" TrustySam said, "ugh ..." TrustySam said, "oh no " TrustySam said, "ur not supposed to say " TrustySam: folds
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