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2NL ZOOM did i played my hand right or not that bad? or what play would you suggest?

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  • 2NL ZOOM did i played my hand right or not that bad? or what play would you suggest?
    villain1 mucked set of 5
    villain2 had AcTc for nut flush
    Last edited by GayLooser; Thu Sep 26, 2013, 12:13 AM.

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    Opening with J9s preflop is a bit loose actually. I don't mind opening with suited gappers from your position if they are face cards, but I prefer suited connectors for anything lower.

    You flop middle pair on the flop. I would prefer folding to the bet. Your hand may be the best at the moement, but you don't have much potential to develop into a stronger hand here. The pot is getting too big to want to get involved in it with a questionable hand. This becomes clear on the turn when you get two pair. Two pair looks strong, but there are a few problems. First, you don't have top two pair. Also, a straight with K10 just got there. Betting builds the pot even more while your in a rather unclear situation. There are very many cards that can come on the river making flushes or straights likely which are going to be problematic for you.

    The river is the main issue with this hand. By leading out you create as situation where you value own yourself. Your two pair hand has some showdown potential, but this board is very dangerous. It would be better to check and maybe call a small bet. A missed straight draw or top pair hand might take a stab at the pot. This keeps the pot from growing even more. By betting though, all the hands you are beating, especially the missed straight draws, will fold. Thus you earn no more value. Only the hands beating you will continue with the hand. Flush, straights and sets are all possible hands on this board that are beating you. So, when V2 comes over the top and raises you this is pretty much never a bluff. Folding to his raise is your only good option.

    Unfortunatly you overplayed your hand in this situation on every street, especially on the river. Don't pay off villains at 2NL with marginal hands.

    I hope this helps

    Roland GTX


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      thanks, yes i agree i mostly ruined the river and mainly calling that reraise was total bullshit ,i could have spent 1$ if i didnt call that reraise



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