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    Should i shove the river? When i got raised on the flop so big i thought he either has a set a straight 68 or hes protecting an over pair. So i figured if i hit a flush im definitely good and getting stacks in but if i hit a straight i was gona stack off if he put me all in if the river didn't pair but at the same time i know that all these 5nl players like flatting 1 gappers HU in the blinds so i would of been kicking myself if he did have that 68. I wasn't worried about pocket 8s because of the big raise on the flop with that being said do you think its still a shove on the river or check call.

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    I would prefer a check/shove on the turn.
    But as played shoving river would be the best choice, it would put him on a tough spot, since a lot of draws miss and he might even hero call us.


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      Yeah i thought thats the sort of answer i would get, you just cant leave this money on the table when you hit big hands, i completely butchered a flopped boat the other day.It cost me the $12 i left on the table because the turn was a K and the river put the 3rd 3 out there and i even had atleast 1 of them on a K so they had a lower boat than me and like a donk i went and bet pot instead of shipping the funny thing was neither one of them raised there boat.

      Either they were super nits or they had some super read on me, they did both float a low flop with K high so they cant of been nits, the amount of money im still leaving on the table though with these hands are ridiculous.

      Cheers for the help anyway.


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        I think i like leading river, because turn its kind of scary for hands like a set or two pair that might find fold to a cr, also if somehow he has the nut straight we can still improve to a flush, leading river doesn't look as strong as CR turn IMO, and can get call by a lot worst, and once you called turn, he might be incline to check back all those worst hands.


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          Tough one to analyze!
          I think there would be few hands that would call preflop and raise the flop. Mainly FDs and sets.
          Without information on our villain I think the frequency of them calling preflo pwith 97,86,75 is pretty low
          So I think their range would be { AQs-A7s, KQs-JTs, KJs, QTs, KTs, 99, 77, 55 }

          OTT, there are 9 combos of sets, 3 combos of straights, and 12 combos of FDs

          Although the 6 gives us bottom straight, we now lose to Ah8h, 8h7h but more importantly it's an action killer
          I think here we have to be satisified with a smaller pot here.

          OTR, there will be 20 cards that might lose us the hand, tie with a straight, or kill the action from sets
          3 sixes, 3 sevens, 3 fives, (assuming they have top set here), 7 hearts, 4 eights - So 40% of the time we will not see a blank
          So this one is pretty close, because If we raise the turn we might make sets fold and get called by their Ah8h, 8h7h; On the other hand, they might still shrug and call.
          But when we do not raise, 40% of the time we will be in a tough spot OTR because I think a heart will be bad for us if they bet it.

          As played, I think the King on the river is a very good card to lead on because we now can get called by Khxh; So I'd bet something like 48% pot


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            I agree a small river bet/fold would be good here. I'd actually bet even smaller than 1/2 pot. Probably only $1.35 to get called by pairs. Shoving is pretty bad unless you have history for shoving missed draws. You will rarely get called by anything less than an 8 meaning we are valueowning ourselves.


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              Yeah your all right i never thought how the K changes things because he will fold his over pairs now.



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