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2nl FR Zoom - AJ

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  • 2nl FR Zoom - AJ

    Hi guys, Could you please analyse my hand below. Again, if you watch my other hands that I posted this was part of my losing streak session. When villian called my turn bet, I put him on a flush. I made about a half size bet on the turn, so that the pot did't get too large. I called the river bet, because it was so small in comparison to the pot size. So thought I would call to see if villain had worse. Was I worng to call the bet on the river, even though that it was so small? Cheers, Pullin
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    Hi Pullin,

    I think you played your hand fine until the turn. I think we should be checking the turn and planning to fold to a sizable bet. As played, we should be check/folding to the river bet.
    We have raised our opponents cbet on a monotone flop, yet they continue with us. So their hand might look like a one-pair with a club and the turn just fills up. The hint is we check/raised flop on a monotone board and they continue.


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      ... I don't see how his river bet is never a club. They had the option to check back the river and go to showdown yet they bet a ridiculous amount that can never be a bluff bet


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        Hi Pullin,

        Calling pf is fine here. On the flop you have top two pair which is great, but the board is all clubs whcih is not great. I would have lead out with a bet to protect my hand. I dont want the villain to check behind getting a free card.

        As played, you check-raise and get called. Without more info on the villain, except that he has a nice stack and position on us, we have to give him credit for having a flush draw and perhaps something else such as a weak pair or perhaps a straight draw in this board. Therefore when the fourth club comes on the turn, I think we need to check-fold this hand unless we improve to a full house. Leading out looks like a mistake that is getting you value owned.

        All the hands you are beating, Ax, straight draws, weaker pairs etc will most likely fold. Only made flushes will be calling or worse raising you here. If you check, then you might be able to call a small bet on the turn from the villain. You are beating some hands he might bluff with and you might improve to a boat on the river.

        As played, the small river bet looks like a value bet. He wants to get a a bit more value from you. With the all the action in the hand on earlier streets, I would fold here. The villain is going to have a flush nearly every time. Had the hand been checked on the flop and again on the turn, then this small bet has a greater chance of being a bluff. Also, it doesn't seem like the villain has a weak flush with a 2 of clubs or something. He has shown willingness to call your check-raise on the flop and bet on the turn. Therefore, I don't think we can raise the river and expect him to fold a small flush either.

        Roland GTX



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