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5nl 6 max zoom - AK

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  • 5nl 6 max zoom - AK

    Villain - 13/9 (78 hands) Ads

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    Im either 4betting get it in or folding preflop depending on MP RFI and CO 3bet%, because im not closing the action. Post flop, i think i like betting flop, check turn, fold to a reasonable bet(he is never betting KK JJ or AJ here), value bet river if he checks.


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      I'm probably 4 betting pre flop here just due to the fact with AK we have good card removal from his range. Watching it play post flop. A nit may call the small flop bet but is never calling the turn without at least top pair. Not many top pairs that your beating that a nit will 3bet. I was expecting after the flop call to see him showing up with AQ. Not far off he still had 2 pair on a dangerous board.


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        Hi Ads,

        I don't mind the call preflop. But going into postflop I would plan to pot control on atleast one street If I hit TP.
        Villain stats look kind of nitty over 78 hands so when we 4bet I think we will tighten up his continuation range a lot that our equity will drop tremendously. But also we have to be aware of V5 both preflop and postflop if they call behind us.

        Given then wetness of the board, I like the line you took: bet flop and turn, check river. Because there are hands that we don't want to give a free card to and will call flop and turn but not river. OTR I think no worse hand can call us so the check back is good. I'd be bet/folding any street if we are raised.


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          If your IP and you have top two on that flop and villain cbets are you raising or calling?


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            If I just called pre-flop with AQ, Mike, I'd usually raise the flop, hoping to stack AK/AT. Sometimes (e.g. if villain is an aggro barreller) I'd just flat the flop and raise the turn. In general, I play top two on ace-high boards in the same way I play sets. I want to get all in as soon as is practical, basically.
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