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QQUTG vs BB 3bet

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  • QQUTG vs BB 3bet

    So the other night i had QQ UTG abd got 3bet vs an unknown and got owned.

    So i called his 3bet and the flop was Jd 6h 8c he half pot i call pretty standard right were not raising?

    Turn 9d he bets half pot again i call.

    River 2d he bets 1/3 of pot i call.

    He flips over ATdd.

    I was pretty disgusted when i saw this hand even though i think he played it fine postflop, i just let him take me to value town i think if i jammed over his turn bet he would of snap called so is anyone gonna raise the flop or is this considered a cooler.

    I mean the river bet looks like he went for thin value i did consider the fact that when he kept betting he could have AA KK JJ and the unlikely QQ so it was probably a fold on the turn ? Even though i was ahead.

    I did think it was defo a fold on the river but i just had to look him up for the price he gave me, something im doing to much actually.

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    Hey Mike,
    Again, this is just my 2 cents
    I'm just going to say how I would of played it

    Yes, I would of called his 3 bet, but on the flop, I would of x 2.5 his bet. It's a wet board, so he needs to pay if he's fishing for that missing card. If he folds, I'm happy with what I get. If he re-raises, than it's an all in.
    If he calls, he still has to lead and I would again do the same on the turn.
    When put in situation like that, I will often (not always) make a bigger raise or re-raise to scare them off the fishing.

    It's been working for me for the last 10 months and I ain't going to change my

    Being greedy and wanting more value can cause headaches and lots of profit loss.



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      Cool so your not worried if he shows up with AA KK JJ?


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        Nope, the only cards that beat me are AA, KK, JJ, 66 and 88 out of 1,081 combinations left. If it was the case to be scared, might as well be scared of 72o as he might catch a 2 on the turn and

        That's why the profit for my session is important. If I'm in lots of profit, I can take that gamble.

        Besides, by calling each time, it seems that you're looking for a flush or a straight, there's no aggression from your part


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          True i dont like calling 3 streets i think i do need to raise somewhere im not sure about raising the flop maybe il go for a raise on the turn. i wasnt worried about set or straight draws because i dont expect to get 3 bet by those small connectors and pairs.

          I was aware he could of turned the diamond draw but i just didn't have a clue what to do there if it was a standard pot i would of raised but in a 3bet pot i was worried of value owning myself vs AA KK and maybe JJ if he 3bets UTG open with JJ i wouldn't but i cant exactly discount JJ from his range so yeah i do like a raise somewhere instead of playing passively.


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            Against an unknown, I'm 4-betting pre and stacking off. Villain *should* recognise you have a strong range UTG, so should generally only be 3-betting with QQ+/AK, but there will also be some bluffs in his range. I'd only call if villain was a nit, and then I'd basically be set/overpair-mining, and would sometimes fold an overpair to a second barrel (as a nit won't often barrel with AK when it misses).
            Since you just called pre, your line is fine. Raising the flop would just get you value-owned. There aren't many hands you beat on the river, but in a 3-bet pot with an overpair, you're committed, and villain is giving you a bargain price to call. It would be a mistake to fold for that price, because villain will be similarly committed with worse hands.
            Bracelet Winner


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              Il try the 4bet line out later and see how it goes, i can see myself running into alot of better hands though if i 4bet from UTG but i spose trying it out wont hurt its better than set mining with QQ 24/7.



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