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Call or raise

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  • Call or raise

    Sorry, this hand was deleted by its owner

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    The raise on the turn looks too strong.
    I would prefer a call to keep his bluffs or overcards on the pot.
    But I guess it depends on how loose villain is.
    Last edited by GamblingProp; Sun Sep 15, 2013, 10:09 PM.


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      Fair enough i keep forgetting how if they actually donked a set there the moneys going all in on the river anyway. Would you raise the flop?


      • #4
        I imagine raising the flop is not bad, but if we do it the only thing we accomplish is to make worse hands fold.


        • #5
          True but shouldnt we protect our hand vs all the overcards he might be donking into us.


          • #6
            Raising the flop is what I would do in this situation. Protects our hand and gets value from draws. It also lets us take control of the hand and allows us to check behind scary cards because we will have the initiative.


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              Hi mike,

              What's the discounted price for from UTG?

              I think when villain donk bets the flop their range will be weighted more towards one pair hands: TP, MP, underpair, or overpairs { TT/99/88/55/44/22, A7/A6, 98, 97s, 87, 86s, 65 }

              I think raising the turn is a descend play although it looks very strong but I expect villain to continue with 65% of his flop donk bet range because the turn will give then an OESD or Gutshot to go with their TP, PP below TP, MP, and weak pairs.

              I don't like raising the flop too much. Betting for protection does not seem to be a reason for betting. When you bet, you bet for two reasons: Value or bluff. Protection is a byproduct of betting. So if we were to raise the flop we are raising for value and it will make it hard for our opponent to continue with one pair hands against us.



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