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Feedback on this play!!

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  • Feedback on this play!!

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    What about this ONEzz??


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      I had a feeling none of them hit the flop cause of their raises.

      Was the call on the turn with the A's right instead of raising??

      Full feedback of the play would be taken into account respectively.
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        9Js was the All-in the right play here???


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          Another One


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            We can only analyse one hand per thread. I'll take a look at the first one, but if you'd like the others to be looked at, please post them in separate threads. It also helps a lot if you provide any relevant information on your thought processes, or reads on your opponents. For example, you might take an aggressive line when you know someone is a weak player. Now to look at the JT hand. You have JT on the button, faced with 4 limpers. They probably don't have anything very good, or they would have raised, but I like over-limping here. The problem with raising is two-fold: 1. It's unlikely that everyone will fold when there is so much money already in the pot. 2. Your hand is not strong enough to play a big pot with. As played, you raised and got 5 callers. The flop comes a ragged 932 with a flush draw. You have two overcards, but just jack high. Everyone checks to you, which is standard ("check to the raiser") and I think taking a stab at the pot is OK. You raised pre-flop, so can represent an overpair. The problem is that to make an effective continuation bet, you need to contribute a lot of chips. Your c-bet size is pretty good, but this pot is getting very large. By raising pre-flop, you ended up playing a bloated pot with a weak hand. This is a recipe for disaster. Your c-bet is called in 2 spots, so now the pot is massive. The 7 on the turn is basically a blank, and you still have jack high. I would expect one of the players to have a draw, and the other likely has a pair. At this point, I would generally just give up. In position, you can take a free card by checking behind. Continuing with your bluff is OK, but you need to bet bigger. Betting 120 into 1310 is fairly pointless. Any draws that called on the flop won't fold to this tiny bet. Indeed, you're giving them the right price to call. Naturally, both players call. The river pairs the board with another deuce, and both players check again. They are unlikely to be strong. If you had ace high, you'd have some showdown value and could check behind and probably beat most missed draws. With jack high, however, you're still losing to hands like . This means your only chance to win the pot is to bluff once more. I think your sizing is pretty good, as half pot should be enough to get the job done. Missed draws will fold, but I'd expect 9x to call every time. Here both villains folded, so you dragged a very large pot with jack high. You got a nice result on the end here, but I wouldn't make a habit of taking lines like this. Use the maxim "Big hand, big pot. Small hand, small pot" to your advantage. When you don't have much of a hand, try and keep the pot small, so you can get a cheap price on your bluffs. Save the big bets and raises for when you have a big hand. Hope this helps! Cheers, Arty
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              Thank You Sir!



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