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NL0.2 home game, AQo, flopped TPGK, am i too agressive

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  • NL0.2 home game, AQo, flopped TPGK, am i too agressive

    Well i got AQo on the button there was one raiser before me in the hijack position with something like VPIP 47ish and PFR 20
    so i reraised him. Small blind calls with VPIP over 60 and PFR something like 30
    so flop comes down 5h Ac 9h do i bet like half the pot on the flop river comes 4d so i bet again like half the pot
    and then chat starts to fill with names maniac,fish etc
    well i had like VPIP 38 PFR 35 but i got like decent cards
    pocket pairs AK AQs stuff like that
    it got me wondering if im like too agressive i usualy bet when i have them and fold when i dont
    PS i do apologise for my bad spelling because i dont speak or write in english werry well.
    heres the link to the hand

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    I quite like the line you took with this hand, but I think you can bet bigger on the flop, and another valuebet on the river wouldn't be amiss either. You usually have the best hand on the flop, but in a multiway pot it's quite likely that someone has a hand they can call with. On this board, there is a flush draw and a couple of gutshots. Villains that are loose pre-flop often make loose calls post-flop too, so get as much value from them as possible.
    I'd go with about 2/3 pot of the flop, half pot on the turn, and something like 40% of pot on the river, hoping to get called by stubborn pairs and weaker aces. If you get raised at any point, you can consider folding, but in a 3-bet pot like this, I'd usually be committed to getting stacks in with top pair.

    Don't worry too much about the table chat and your stats in the short run. As long as you're not routinely playing 38/35 in the long run ("tight is right") then you'll be fine. Being aggressive when you have a real hand is definitely the right way to go.

    Nice hand!
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        I was going to go all in in that hand but i hit the check button by accident
        emm... i have one realy good hand from that same game do i have to post it here or i have to make a new thread


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          Please use a new thread if you have another hand to post. Cheers!
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