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Light 3 bet call and turned hand into set rep

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  • Light 3 bet call and turned hand into set rep

    player 3 is a pso reg hands = 1.8k vpip = 18 pfr = 14 3 bet = 4.3 flop bet fold = 47 I dont often call 3 bets with 9Ts So i made up my mind to call and play my hand as a set what ever the flop except maybe AAK nice to flop flush draw as back up I know this player can fold top top witch is what i think player 3 had as they tanked for a long time on the flop and tanked folded on the turn good plan or bad Ps i have change the hand id so you can not find out how the player is
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    Minraising is bad blind vs blind because you give the bb great odds to call IP.

    Defending a 3b with T9s isn't horrible if we are comfortable postflop and/or willing to make moves on the right boards.

    When we raise his flop cbet, our hand looks a lot like what it is. We'd call with any showdown value, so raising doesn't really achieve much except folding his air. I'd opt to c/c the flop because of this.

    As played out, our sizing was awkward for a turn shove, but given the stacks shoving seems like the right play assuming our flush draw is live and opponent is capable folding hands like 77-TT.


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      Hi XXXX,

      I agree with birdayy on not raising the minimum vs BB. If we think BB will 3bet against the SB often then perhaps we can remove the bottom of our steal range to reduce our steals against them and play them with a tighter range.

      I personally would have folded preflop to the 3bet and I think calling to rep a set is kind of bad because that is a very small portion of our range. When you raise the flop, do you plan to call off with T high FD? I think we can x/c flop and look to bluff river on cards that do not improve his range when we miss and they check back turn.
      With the T coming OTT I think this helps us to x/c twice with equity and look to check down river with SD value if we miss.


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        Jest a small point on min bet sb v bb

        i have jest gone into hm2 and filterd for unopened pfr =yes in sb

        got 8081 hands

        then put seen flop = no

        got 5250

        so 5250/8081 = 64.5% so the min bet work at 2nl and 5nl


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          umbup: How are you doing when you get called though?


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            overall 8081 hands = 57.63 bb/100
            saw flop 2831 hands = 38.65 bb/100
            saw turn 1415 hands = 37.65 bb/100
            saw river 918 hands = 162.60 bb/100
            saw showdown 643 hands = 307.64 bb/100


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              If its making money, then keep doing it


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                my sb steel is only 30%

                it is much higher now will have to see how it goes

                i am trying out lag tight tag is wining at 2nl but i have been only breaking even at 5nl not so easy to get spews back



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