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  • KK UTG NL2 zoom

    Good Morning, I would like to know which betting line would be best. I put my opponent's range on a flush draw on a flush draw; with possibilities of a set and over pairs as well. Villian stats: VP 27 PR 7 CBET 100 FOLD TO STEAL 100 FLOP AGGRESSION INFINITE WTSD 20 --- these stats are based on 15 hands I chose to raise his cbet so that his flush draw is no longer a profitable call. Could by bet sizing be different? I understand that he was getting 2:1, but with implied odds is it a profitable shove for him? Should I be happy to get it in on this flop with an opponent chasing a flush? I checked with an equity calculator and in this exact situation I am 53% favourite, which is a coin flip. I appriciate the help

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    Hi Arv,
    Firstly he's not c-betting, a continuation bet is one that is continuing the betting lead in the hand from the prior street, but he doesn't have the betting lead from the prior street... the last player to take an aggressive action was you, so you're the only one that can c-bet the flop. Which is the first thing I notice in the hand, you chose not to c-bet... why not? I think we should be continuation betting this board as the preflop raiser... we can get action from plenty of worse hands so I'd start there.

    Regarding odds to draw against your check raise, he has to call .29 into a pot of .86, so you've actually given him 3-1 here, with implied odds of over 7-1 if he gets the rest of your stack. He can definitely profitably call this if he chooses on a draw, especially if it's the nut flush draw.

    Regarding his 3B shove on the flop, I think it is hugely profitable. Often times when a preflop raiser check-raises the flop instead of c-bets, they don't have much and are trying to take it down, or they are on a draw trying to make a strong semi-bluff move. Against such a range, he has pretty good fold equity to take it down immediately, and when he gets called his AsKs rates to be a favorite against your range as a whole (a small fav against a lot of 1 pair hands and a big fav vs. smaller flush draws make up the difference from when he's behind AA/KK).
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      Thanks for the quick reply. It has given me some insight into how to play this situation in a better way.


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        As for why I checked the flop, I am unsure. But I can see how betting would have been a better line. If he had called behind, I could check the turn and depending on the opponent type, fold to a larger bet.

        Great insight



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