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Help Bad Beat or Bad Play?

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  • Help Bad Beat or Bad Play?

    So I have been playing poker for about 10 years with family and friends and almost always win. A few months ago however I began playing Limit Texas Hold em at casinos and find I almost always lose. lol So I'm starting back at the basics and trying to study my way up. Anyway I'm gonna post what happened:

    I was dealt AdAh under the gun. I raised a few people called. The flop revealed Ac3h5d. The big blind to my right bet. I raised. The turn revealed 10c. The big blind bet. I raised. Big blind reraised. I capped it at $8. It was now head to head me and the big blind. The river revealed 8c. Big blind bet. I raised. He reraises. I reraised. He reraised. I called. He flipped over 4h2c and won with the straight.

    Okay, so at what point was I supposed to realize he had the straight? The whole time I was thinking there was no way he called my preflop raise with 42 off suit . I assumed he had A 3 or A10 the whole time. Did I play this poorly? He technically had me beat from the flop. Does that still qualify as a bad beat? The only reason I called when it was head to head was because I was getting nervous about how much money he was putting in and worried about him having the flush although it would make no sense given his betting? What would you guys have done?

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    Hello miggy372,

    Welcome to PokerSchoolOnline. Here's a short video about PSO and what it has to offer you. Also check out >>This Page<< for more info.

    I'm not a great limit player but in my experience in limit games it's not uncommon for big hands like AA to get cracked as the villains are usually getting a good price to draw to something and play speculative hands. In this case I think the villain was being a bit optimistic playing 42o but you will come up against all sorts from time to time. And I would say this is kind of a sick beat. However when you come up against a lot of action it may be wise to slow down a bit. Just remember this guy plays any two and use that to your advantage in the future.

    We're here to help you so please feel free to ask any questions you may have and thank you for being a member of PokerSchoolOnline.

    Good luck with your poker studies,


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      Hi miggy,

      I think you played this hand perfectly tbh. I may have been tempted to go 7 bets on the end instead of 5, but you're right, at some point when they still want to keep putting money in and we don't have the nuts, we have to consider they might. Going at least 5 bets on the end is totally fine imo, as they may play a set just as strongly and if they are calling their BB with any 2 cards preflop (obviously they are since they actually called with 42o) then all the pocket pairs are possible for sure, making sets a realistic part of his range.
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        Hi miggy!

        I totally agree with Dave here. I've been playing $3/6 or 3/6 kill limit in casinos over the past three years and I'm losing at least as much as you did here, if not 2 more bets too.
        There are too many hands that can call that I'm ahead of here with top set that can call.

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          about the only thing you could have done differently is just calling his first reraise on the river, but the problem there is when we are ahead we are losing value by just calling here.

          In limit hold em its all about getting in that extra bet when ahead and saving that bet when behind. In this spot it is unclear if we are ahead or behind so I would probably error on the side of aggression and put in the extra bet too.
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            Personally I would bet/call river and probs not let turn get capped, as his 4 bet OTT is very strong. Obv it depends heavily on how he plays. Of he is loose PF but rarely goes crazy post then the conservative line is best in my book, if he goes crazy a lot of the time then youre stacking off in this spot every time, and being good often.

            Heart on river also a reason to just bet/call river.

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