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Are my bets to big?

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  • Are my bets to big?

    Sorry, this hand was deleted by its owner
    Sorry, this hand was deleted by its owner
    Sorry, this hand was deleted by its owner
    I just been clicking pot with the aces hands i thought that was pretty standard as i figured i would get less respect as im squeezing and my 3 bet over 400 odd hands was at 11 with a vpip of 29 27 pfr and 4 af, still im getting no action so i guess im making my bets to big?

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    I think all of your sizing is fine.

    H3 is good sizing due to us being very deep and can lead to us getting stacks in by the river.


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      Hi Mike

      Hand 1

      Standard 3x + 1 for the caller = 80c you bet 90c a bit big but not out of line

      Hand 2

      Standard 3x + 1 for the caller = $1.20 you bet $1.35 again a bit big but not out of line

      I have not played that much at 10nl only about 10k-20k hands pre having hm2 so cant really say if this small bit more gets more folds or not

      Hand 3

      With the check raise semi bluff you dont want callers the flush draw and gut shot are jest back up so this size look good to me
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        Ok cheers umbup:


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          0.90$, 1.2$, 2.32$ for me. So not out of line at all as XXXX says.
          With the AJs hand, I think if we were 100bb effective to start the hand I would consider x/shoving with 2.58$ in the pot and 9.17$ left. Our hand benefits from seeing turn and river and when we raise to a standard 3x and get called, are we bet folding a miss OTT?


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            Im not sure of the best line come to think of it im deffo not bet folding im getting it in on a blank turn if i bet like 4.75 / $5, i could just give up the pot and check fold would be the other option but i don't like that line it just looks so weak and i bet some players would pick up on what i just folded so i would prefer to get it in on the flop.

            I guess you can jam the flop but if i do that im gonna have to jam some sets as well so im not sure about that line, im still not sure if i like my raise in the 1st place now though its a multi way pot with 2 big stacks who just put in a reasonable bet and call on that flop so i could of been up against other draws or turned two pair that i could of won a juicy pot out of.

            What do you think of donking here?
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              I've been changing my bet sizing according to position and opponents lately. I think it's earning me more chips.

              You want to charge enough that you think villains will call. I've been min raising in late stages of tourneys to steal but if I find I get too many callers every time then I'll raise slightly more. In early stages I'll raise more but if I find there are too many ABC regs to act after me then I'll raise slightly less.

              My raising ranges change as a tourney or STT progresses so I don't give any tells aways. It's all table and villain dependent.
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