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How should I have extracted value from this flopped set?

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  • How should I have extracted value from this flopped set?

    Hi everyone, hopefully going to post a lot more on these forums in future. Thought this hand was a neat way to start!

    I flopped a set after limping, then calling a raise preflop with 66.

    I'm certain I could I have won more here. What would you do?

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    Raising preflop seems standard, since opponents might pick on the fact that you limp with pocket pairs, and start exploiting you, by raising and c-betting on all flops.
    As played I would either raise more on flop, and I would definitely bet big on turn.
    Also welcome to PSO!


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      Hi Rob,

      I agree, I would open for a raise rather than limp in. On the flop, definitely we want to raise more than the minimum. The villain either has a big ace or he doesn't... he's probably folding mostly even to the min-raise if he doesn't, and if he does have AK/AQ he's likely calling even a bigger raise. We want to build a big pot here and the best place to start is on the flop with a bigger raise, more like .75c to go. And certainly we can bet this turn. He called our flop raise, so it's likely he has a big ace, checking behind the turn allows a betting round end with no money going in the middle. If he happens to have AJ he may be looking to check/raise us as well.

      Raise to .75 on the flop, he calls, pot is 1.93. Bet about 1.50 on the turn, he calls, pot is 4.93 and he got 2.73 behind, put him in on the river.
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