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The trouble I had with pocket 10s

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  • The trouble I had with pocket 10s

    Hi guys, Please could you analyse my hand below. I was playing zoom, so had no reads on villain. Please let me know if I played this really badly, or if you would have done something differently. Cheers, pullin
    Last edited by pullin1988; Sat Sep 07, 2013, 12:13 PM.

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    I would probably just limp preflop, since you can get 3beted if you raise.
    I am raising JJ+ there and I am probably making it 12-14 cents.
    As played I think we should shove river.
    Weird that he didn't raised turn or river but he may put you on KK+.


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      nothing wrong with your play, and don't even think limping IP there with this hand.
      The only question is if you should bet the river or not , but given the check call from you opponent both on the flop and turn you can't be sure he has an overpair so more often than not you're ahead and should bet the river was actually an easy one, just unlucky you run into a bigger hand



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        i think you played it good pre id make it 0.12 (3x +1bb for every limper and add 1bb extra)
        but you pretty much got the result from the preflop raise by only playing 1 guy for the pot, you lost minimum so its good imo.

        i think villian here was the 1 who made the mistake here more often then not he will not get paid off im suprised to see he turns over QQ i would note him as passive fish for not raising.
        don't beg for things do it yourself or else you won't get anything


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          Hi pullin,

          I think it's fine. I agree with prohorse that villain played their hand passively by not 3betting preflop. And I think raising with TT for value is a more profitable line to take than over limping. I was thinking they have QJ, AJ type of hand that turned a diamond draw. I would have bet the flop and turn bigger though since our hand is kind of vulnerable to overcards.



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