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16NL FR: TT in 3-bet Pot in Pos.

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  • 16NL FR: TT in 3-bet Pot in Pos.

    Villain was a decent Reg that played well IMO. OTF his C-bet is very small. He is representing a strong range given that he is 3-betting a UTG open (even though I do open relatively wide for that position). I was wondering if I could make a move here but decide to flat and narrow his range a little. OTT the FD gets there and villain checks. My initial thought was to bet at it and try to take it down but I decided not to since a significant portion of his range containing a spade will probably peel to the river. 4th Flush card comes and I cant continue. Could I maybe have taken this pot down earlier in the hand or should I have let it go earlier?

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    Hi Low Rated,

    Is that a 5x open from UTG? Pretty big and we got 3bet from the SB. I'm more inclined to fold tbh.
    We make a big raise from UTG where ranges are perceived to be very tight and with that sizing that should get players more aware of that, yet we still get 3bet from the SB (2.6x from villain - not sure what to make of that sizing really). If you have a HUD running you might want to look at two 3bet percentages here: 1. how much they 3bets vs UTG and 2. how much they 3bet from the SB
    If you say villain is a decent Reg, I think they might flat AK and JJ, sometimes QQ too depending how they perceive you. If I were to call I'd do with a set mining purpose in mind but since there isn't 15x his bet remaining in effective stacks I'd fold.


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      I am folding to his raise preflop also.
      5x is huge so he can't really raise much but QQ+,AK.
      As played I think you should fold flop, or bet turn with the intention of checking back almost any river.


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        Dislike opening size preflop.
        Dislike call of 3bet.
        Dislike call on flop.
        Like fold on river, but see above.

        I expect good villain to flat AKo and QQ, I cant see too much sense in him light 3 betting.

        All this changes if you are routinely 5xing UTG, not that I think you should.


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          Thanks guys.

          My UTG open size is 5x since my range there is so tight. I cant remember why but I thought the villain was making a move on me which is why I flatted. Probably shouldn't have put so much money in the pot before folding, guess I should have planned the hand better or folded pre (which is my standard play w/ TT).



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