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16NL FR: 77 vs Overbet on Dry Flop

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  • 16NL FR: 77 vs Overbet on Dry Flop

    Villain 1 was pretty much the mark on the table. Since he didn't have much money left I decided to over limp and villains behind a chance to iso-raise/over limp and play my hand multi way. Villain 5 was playing TAG. His over bet OTF did not seem like he was trying to get value from a strong made hand as I believe he would bet smaller given that Villain 1 is a fish and I could also give him some action with lesser made hands. It seemed like he was trying to protect a weaker holding and was looking for maximum fold equity. Since this play seemed so out of character I decided it was likely a bluff/semi-bluff and thought I could pick up the pot right here. I decide calling is not an option and shove over him. His range may contain many over cards that missed this board or flopped draws and 2nd pair hands [AQ+, KJ+, QTs+] maybe even some PPs playing aggressively pre flop. Could this hand have been played better on my part? Also can I sometimes get some folds from made hands since my actions look so much like a set mine that may have hit? Thanks for reading.

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    Hi Low Rated,
    I think the line you took OTF is a high variance play which is sick that it worked, I can't be results oriented here but I can never see myself doing something like that.

    I'd like to go back to our preflop decision though where I think we kind of made a mistake by over limping.
    Like you said, V1 is the weak spot at the table and I want them for myself. I would raise their limp preflop to isolate and keep the blinds out. I think our hand benefits more from playing Heads Up than multiway because in a multiway pot we are more vulnerable to overcards and we have to be playing our hand as a set mine. I'd take initiative here and raise and play headsup with the weaker player.


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      First of all fold pre since villain 1 doesn't have a considerable stack, if you are trying to set mine.
      As played you know that villain 5 is bluffing with probably overcards, so why would you shove there?
      I would prefer a call to let him bluff on any turn, if you shove, when you are called you are mostly crushed or almost flipping.
      While if you call, on the turn he might feel committed to shove any two.
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