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    What do you make of this? I figured this guy was going to squeeze when i flatted i planned on going with any board i flopped well on. I knew the squeezer could have a legit hand here mainly overpairs i think but i wasnt just folding the flop, turn pairs he checks and i figured a small bet was in order because he wasn't gonna barrel the river with air and i just wanted to make my hand play easier anyway he jams over the top of my bet and i just cant see him having a boat or quads here and i don't see why he would jam an over pair here when my bet looks like i want him to call which is why i sized it so small. I though a big bet might get looked up by over pairs but i was trying to represent a boat. Any thoughts?
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    Just my 2 cents,

    First, Villain_4 re-raises is very weak, instead of calling, I would 3-Bet to $0.20

    If the rest of the hand plays as is, I would still check the turn, as he seems very strong

    He can have PP's or AhKh, but I tend to think he's got AK or AQ of hearts, since it's way to aggressive of a bet

    But I could be wrong


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      Yh i was thinking of checking the turn but i couldn't see any other way to win the hand with 9s, if the turn never paired i was folding the turn barrel un improved but thought this was a great spot to get this guy off of a better pair because from what ive seen of him so far was he is pretty good.

      Really i should just avoid players like this but i just see these stakes as practice now and figured i should start getting involved with these type of aggro players.


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        I agree with Sandrap that checkraise from the villain is too aggro to be straight value so it's more likely drawing hands and some posibility of overpairs. AhQh,AhKh and TT+.

        Given the fact that your range is more weighted to pocket pairs than 67s,56s I dont think it's a good idea to represent the boat.

        Not much value from turn bet either - it's very unlikely for villain to have lower pocket pairs than yours. Why would he 3bet 33,44,55,77,88? In fact he might see weakness when facing small bet and try to push you off with AQ,AK of hearts.

        I would call the flop once, check the turn - be happy to see a free showdown.
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          Fair enough, like i said i doubt he 3 bets those smaller pocket pairs myself so my bet wasnt for value it was to try and rep the boat/quads because i thought that i was either behind the bigger pairs or he could hit an A Q or K.

          So i think my thought process at the time was for protection and repping boats and quads, So if you guys actually did have a quads or a boat what bet size are you going for?

          When he checks the turn i figure hes nu t ted or giving up, would you guys jam an over pair over my bet there then or a nut draw on a paired flop? What do you think of his line if he did have those types of hands. Just wondering because i had all the small pairs in my range and i thought my line looked weighted to the nutz.

          I guess when i bet small on the turn that people might do that with some over cards trying to take the pot down but can you really come over the top with an over pair and no solid reads on me.


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            Anything can be possible at 5nl or any stake for that matter.

            You're mind is kind of stuck on bluffing the player, it seems that, it's all you're seeing. What about:

            Does your hand beat his?
            Can you afford to lose $5.21
            If so, can you build it back up?
            What are the notes?
            If no notes, might it be expensive just to have a note on the player?
            Have you seen him do that move before?

            Remember, at 5nl, lots of players don't think, so don't expect a player to assume that you want him to call or what you want to represent. Maybe it would work at 500nl and even then.

            "........but can you really come over the top with an over pair and no solid reads on me."

            Probably 90% of players YES, NEVER

            Good Luck


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              Yeah i think your right maybe im giving people to much credit to laying down big pairs or maybe he was getting fancy pre and flopped well i dont know. Im just trying to work out all the angles at lower stakes where it don't cost me much. I didn't have notes on him because he was so aggro in big pots that no one got to showdown with him from what ive seen i just figured he was the type to be making moves and figured he was good enough to lay hands down as well. I do like the check on the turn but i didn't want to call a river bet either and i thought he would put a bet in if he had anything or not so i wasn't sure of the best line to take.umbup:


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                At 5NL i can see him play an overpair this way. Happens all the time. The line is fishy so i would not give much value on my read of him being a good player. Also, you are never making anyone fold overpairs on that board.


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                  Hi Mike,

                  I don't know if I like the bet sizing. It's too weak imo and can induce a bluff raise which we really don't want to see and be put in a tough spot. And betting to represent a fullhouse is kind of ambitious and wrong I think.

                  The thing is our hand has SD value but is also vulnerable to over cards A,K,Q,J,T. So 40% of the time we will see an overcard OTR. But I doubt villain will 3bet with PPs weaker than ours. His 3bet range will look like: TT+, AQ+, KQ. Against that range we have 54% equity OTT. It's interesting to see villain x/shove the turn, I think it's a valid play with AA-QQ if they think we will float the flop and try to take it down OTT if they check or they put us on a FD. I would think we are beat here because I think AK, AQ, KQ with a FD would bet or x/c the turn. Or it's because of our betsize that induced a bluff from hands that were going to give up. I think both checking and betting the turn is valid but If I were to bet I'd go for 1/2 pot and fold to a raise. Who knows, maybe they could have squeezed with A6s.

                  From experience, I have found out that when we call without confidence its almost certain we have a losing hand.



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