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NL0.02: AA, wet flop, tough turn spot

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  • NL0.02: AA, wet flop, tough turn spot

    Villains: vpip 22 pr 8 pf 0.53 after 124 hands, had seen him play hands like KQ before but he had not shown many hands, but I had a his calling range to be J10 to KQ. Me: vpip 12 pr 10 pf 4.00 with 74 hands played, I normally have the HUD set to show only the currant table stats for me, I was playing TAG, the table had only seen me show solid hands up to this point I would like to know how you think I payed this hand in general, but I would particularly like to know if how I played the turn was the right play or not, I'm not sure if I played it right.

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    I think you should bet the turn for value and protection. By checking, you end up playing a guessing game. The board is very wet, and there's a good chance you're losing to two pairs, a set, or a straight, but you're also beating quite a few combos, like KQ, QQ and random flush draws. You can't afford to let villain check behind if he has a draw, and allowing him to bluff puts you in a tough spot too. If you define your hand with a second barrel, it's harder for villain to bluff. He will usually raise all his better hands, allowing you to get away in a typical Baluga theorem spot. If villain just calls the turn, then you can use the bet-fold play on most rivers, but on this particular one, I'd go with check-fold, as villain is unlikely to turn a made hand that has showdown value into a bluff. If he bets the river, has has a straight.

    Hope this helps!

    Bracelet Winner


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      Hi luke,

      I think I would've taken a b/f line OTT. Villian's calling range OTF is broadway heavy. They will have 40 combos of Weak pair + draw, Middle pair + draw, and FDs (Hands like AT, AJ, QT, etc.) They will have 12 combos of TP + Draw (KQ) and 44 combos of 2pair+ (KT/KJ/JJ/TT etc.)

      So I'd bet 1/2 pot for value from 52 combos that we beat and fold when they raise with their 44 combos of 2pair+


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        Thank you guys, thats what I was wondering if I should of played it the way you say i should have



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