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  • Squeeze Play

    HI Q1 is this a hand i shud be Squeezeing with Q2 when i get 4bet is it a call the player i had down as LAG and i was playing TAG. At nl2 The Squeeze Play work all the time but i cannot get it to work at 5nl are the plays at 5nl too familiar with the squeeze play and just re-stealing. I feel i played the really hand bad

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    Hi Stocky8A,

    Before I evaluate this hand I'd like to hear from you what you would like to accomplish with 3betting here? and why?


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      HI geoVARTA i was ok will 1 caller or 3 folds


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        Hi Stocky, I see what you mean. You want to play the hand headsup with only one player.
        Well, in my point of view a suited ace is a good hand to play multiway so I personally would like to call here and not 3bet. The problem with 3betting AQs is that its a strong hand but probably not too strong to get all in with preflop. When we 3bet we should think in the following manner: Are we 3betting for value? Will villain call us with worse hands? Do we want to get the hand all in preflop? If not then are we 3betting as a bluff? Do we want our opponents to fold their better hand? If you can't answer those questions then its probably better to call or fold. With our hand I think we benefit from seeing a flop. And with the pot odds we are getting it means we just need to win 17% of the time to make our call profitable.

        I hope this helps!


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          AQs for me is too good to 3bet with the intent to fold to a 4bet. Might as well squeeze with 92o. I prefare to flat here or maybe 3bet if the lag never folds to 3bets but doesn't 4 bet either.



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