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2$ no limit hnad

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  • 2$ no limit hnad

    how cud i hav played it profitably ?

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    Depending of type of players you have on the table i generally tend to just call preflop , and get the money in on a good flop . However if your oponents are pretty loose, the raise is pretty standard especially at this limit where you get 1-2 callers .
    Oponent 7 and 1 seems pretty loose calling a 3 bet out of position. Those callers get there with some suited connectoos in general , but there are cases where they can call with Ace suited or some small pairs, thats why the history with those players counting so much .
    Your raise is pretty good if oponents are not so spewy , but i generally raise more , to 0.17-0.19 if they are calling station .
    On flop you cant do nothing much versus 3 oponents , and players 7 betting pot made your decision very easy . There are many cases where your hand is beaten , by any ace , JJ , 99 ,J9 . Even if you put him on a draw , like Q10 of clubs ,KQ , K10 of clubs , your hand isnt so favorite against those hands .


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      Hi sunil, I would disagree with ProfetuN1; We should be raising preflop for value. KK is a very strong hand, the second best preflop hand in Holdem and I want to build a pot. Also when we just call we invite other players behind us to call along cheaply and a hand as strong as KK loses its equity in a multi-way pot. Looking at stack sizes, both you and Player4 have >100bbs; I like to raise big here to get as much money into the pot preflop. A standard raise is 3x but because there is plenty of money behind I'd go for even a bigger raise, 3.5x to 4x. As played, we are 4way to the flop and I think this is one of the bad flops for us with an Ace on board. I think a check fold is the correct play here. With three opponents calling a 3bet, I'd give credit for atleast one player having an Ace. umbup:


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        thanks guys for the advice



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